Chocolate Withdrawals

I am still fasting from chocolate and candy for Lent, and am currently bitter at my pre-Lent self for making that commitment.

Every time I walk through a grocery store, I’m tortured by the Easter candy section. All the chocolate bunnies and candy eggs mock me from their pastel packaging. You know which candy I’m really lusting after? Those candy-coated chocolate malt Easter eggs. If someone handed me a bag of those right now, I’d inhale those like crack in a second.

In my weaker moments, I’m also tempted to break into that bag of Girl Scout cookies stashed in the freezer.

Luckily, I’ve told enough people (my husband, my coworkers, all you blog readers) about my fast, and feel at least some sense of integrity to make it to the end of Lent.

But be warned, little chocolate bunnies…I’m coming after you the moment the sun rises on Easter Sunday.

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