Aaron at 21 Months

Aaron is almost two years old.

He is happy and healthy, and his little character and personality are emerging more every day.

He is a very curious child. He wants to see and touch everything. He loves walking through our neighborhood, and takes his merry time exploring plants, watching dogs, and listening for airplanes. When he encounters a stranger, he says a jolly, “Hi!” and “Buh-bye!” He loves running and jumping and climbing. Our baby hiking backpack has been put to good use. Steve or I will strap Aaron into the backpack, and go for a walk with him. He has a great view, and points things out. “Bus! Geen (green)! Boon (balloon)!”

Throughout the day, he rapidly goes from one activity to another. He enjoys story time, and often wants more books than I feel like reading. With many of his favorite books, he has certain words or phrases memorized, and recites them along with me. He and I garden together – Aaron gets to dig dirt with a shovel and water the plants with a spray bottle. He plays in the kitchen while I cook, either by making his own “cookies” out of play dough, or by taking out every single plastic dish from the cabinets. Some of Aaron’s favorite toys are building blocks and train sets. He constructs towers and train tracks, and then thoroughly enjoys destroying them. What a little boy!

He is quickly picking up lots of words. Yesterday, I served him some Mexican food, and he started saying, “enchiladas” (although it actually sounded like “Asian lettuce”). He is a master at identifying colors, and he’s now moving on to learning numbers and shapes.

On any given day, he surprises us with a new skill. The other day, I was preparing lunch in the kitchen while Aaron played on the floor nearby. I turned away for several seconds, and suddenly realized Aaron was sitting on his high chair, all buckled in. He had climbed up by himself! I am already emotionally preparing myself to one day take my son into the emergency room for stitches.

Aaron is affectionate, and loves giving and receiving hugs and kisses. He says, “I wuv you,” which is simply the best thing ever. The other day he said it to me about seven times in a row while giving me a big hug.

Every night after Aaron goes to bed, Steve and I have a good time recapping the day’s amusing moments with our son. We imitate his toddler language, laugh about his silly quirks, and consider how wonderful it is to be Aaron’s parents.

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