Happy Things

Glass jars and fabric made into beautiful home decoration (from 100 Layer Cake).
Loads of lemons from the nearby farmer’s market. What are they destined to become? Lemon curd, mini lemon cakes, and lemon & pistachio biscotti are in the works. Other suggestions are welcome!
The Best New Recipe cookbook I got for Christmas. It is full of classic tested recipes, and all sorts of culinary techniques. Any serious home cook should own a copy.

Bomber jackets. The rare cold days in Los Angeles are made much more enjoyable when you have a slick bomber jacket to bundle up in.

Butterbeer! My husband has a newly developed desire to watch the Harry Potter movies before the final one comes out in theaters (which is momentous, since he has never shown any interest in Harry Potter whatsoever), and we decided it was only right that we make our own Butterbeer. We used Recipe #8 from this article.
This green vintage purse I found at a thrift store. Only $3! 
Parenthood. Have you seen it? With Top Chef winding down and American Idol seeming irrelevant these days, this has become my new must-see show every week. The authenticity of the story and characters of the Braverman family is engrossing. Plus it has the endlessly wonderful Peter Krause.

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