How To Celebrate Your 30th Birthday

  • Have girlfriends over for a slumber party. Watch chick flicks, do manicures, eat popcorn and brownies (the boxed kind), chat about boys, and have ‘N Sync playing on the stereo.
  • Go out for a lunch by yourself, and soak in some quiet solitude with a peach martini.
  • Write a journal entry about your thoughts and sentiments about turning thirty, to be read for personal amusement at a later point, such as on your 40th birthday.
  • Use some birthday money to buy a pair of amazing black heels. They need to be sexy. If they are comfortable, that’s a bonus.
  • Receive birthday flowers and cards with gratitude. 
  • Go out on a date with your spouse to a wine and tapas bar. Enjoy fancy food and drinks. Discuss how fun it is to get older together.
  • Read every Facebook message, email, and listen to every voicemail from friends and family.
  • Have a big Speakeasy party with the coolest people in your life. Have everyone dress up in 1930’s garb, and perform open-mic entertainment.

* Note: don’t do this all in one day. Make the birthday fun last over the course of a good week or so.

** Note: Also, this is how I spent MY 30th birthday. You should probably be unique and thoughtful about how you spend yours. But feel free to steal some ideas, because they are pretty rad.

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