Turning 30

My thirtieth birthday is on the horizon. Recently, I have been considering the last decade of my life, and all the surprises that I’ve encountered along the way.

Ten years ago, I was attending college, consumed with ambitious plans. I was convinced that I was going to either be a famous and wealthy actress or a famous and wealthy film director. Neither happened, thankfully. After graduating, I began working as a college pastor. I now work at the same school I attended, pouring my life into college students who come from all over the world. While working at my current job, I met my future husband, who was in the same field. He was the most adventurous, thoughtful person I had ever met. Two and a half years after meeting, we got married. We settled in a simple little home in Los Angeles. After several years of married life, traveling, and growing up a bit, we had our son. Parenthood was (and still is) one of the biggest transitions of my life. I now find myself as a mother of a young toddler, wife, small business owner, blogger, college minister, among many other things.

The last few years have been particularly exciting. I am constantly discovering who I am and what I am capable of. I am learning new skills, and developing different interests. The possibilities of where I could end up seem endless.

I am hopeful about my thirties, and excited for the things to come.

5 thoughts on “Turning 30

  1. Deep thoughts. Seeing your strong character and always positive attitude, I can imagine you will only grow closer to God, while abundantly sharing your love with others. Keep up the great work! We need role models like you.


  2. I miss you guys. I wish we were in Hawaii with you. I'm glad you can be “home” and with your parents. Tell them Hi from us. We love you!
    Mom Marks


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