Social Networking

Have you seen The Social Network? Steve and I watched it, and loved it.

As part of a generation shaped by social networking, the film was a helpful mirror, reflecting some of social networking’s strengths, flaws, and evolution. It caused me to take a step back, and consider my own reasons for being involved in things like Facebook and Twitter.

My primary motivation for social networking is to develop relationships. I am very aware of social networking’s flaws and blind-spots, but I truly believe that there are many great ways to use social networking to build, maintain and deepen relationships with people. With Facebook, Twitter, and blogging, I meet new friends, find old friends, and stay in touch with people I don’t see in person. For those of us with family and friends in other states or countries, social networking allows us to connect with each other at a frequency and depth that we otherwise wouldn’t. Because of Facebook, my family in Hawaii can see my son Aaron grow and develop while we raise him in California. Social networking can grow community, friendship, and a sense of belonging.

My other motivations for using social networking:

  • To spread the word about favorite local eateries.
  • To post photos of my cutie pie son.
  • To locate borrowed items after forgetting who the borrower was.
  • To be reminded of  holidays and birthdays, since I am horrible at keep track of dates.
  • To comment with snarky remarks on friends’ photos and statuses.
  • To ask people for help and input with things like what fiction books they would recommend reading, or how to fix my broken oven.

Why do you use social networking?

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