Do’s and Don’ts of Perfume Application

During an extensive conversation with some friends (Pat, Sarah, Sun, Candiss, here’s your shout-out!) regarding perfume, I learned that I have been applying my perfume completely wrong. I described my application method – light spray on one wrist, rub wrists together, spray into the air in front of me, and walk through the mist. In unison, my friends reacted with shock, “That’s not how you’re supposed to do it!”  The general consensus was that Larissa needed some basic perfume application lessons (which is concerning and embarrassing, since I am a 29-year-old woman).

Apparently there are some very specific ways to correctly apply cologne and perfume. Who knew??? I always assumed that the sole concern was whether one had too much or too little scent. I suppose that’s what happens when one is not current with Cosmopolitan magazine.

As far as I have gathered, here are some basic tips on correct perfume and fragrance application:

  • Apply perfume before you put on any clothing or jewelry. Some fragrances leave stains on fabrics and metals. 
  • Fragrances react to heat. Therefore, apply perfume lightly to the body’s pulse points – wrists, base of throat, behind ear lobes, the bend in the elbows, between the breasts, the back of the knees.
  • Do not dab your wrists together after applying perfume – this breaks down the scent.
  • Apply perfume to freshly washed hair. Either spray hair directly from at least 8 inches away, or spray some perfume into your hands and disperse it though your hair. 

Speaking of perfume, there’s also the matter of finding your signature scent. I have three or four perfumes in my rotation, but my go-to is Plaid Skirt. It is a sweet, floral scent that I love, love, love. I discovered it years ago when Anthropologie carried it, but now I can’t seem to find it anywhere. When I reach the end of the bottle, I fear I will have to search for a new perfume. Any suggestions on something subtle, floral (i.e. not citrus-y), an inexpensive?

Yes, while there are political wars being waged and economic struggles being faced, MY big problem of the day is buying the right perfume

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