Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

Wouldn’t it be grand if all your life decisions could be made by one of those nifty Magic 8 Balls? Actually, no. That would be terrible, and lead to some very poor calls of judgment. But sometimes I wish life’s choices weren’t always so darn complex.

I am in the process of sorting out a few major areas of my life, and trying to make a handful of significant decisions. Some of the decisions have to do with work, some with my personal life. All of them are characterized by exciting, uncharted possibilities.

Whenever I have an important decision to make, I do four things:

  1. I become more introspective, prone to longer stretches of silence or writing in my journal.
  2. I seek out the counsel and opinions of a handful of trustworthy friends and family.
  3. I pray and ask God for direction.
  4. I listen to my intuition.

Other people might have different decision-making tools. I have heard of individuals who flip a Bible open to a random page, close their eyes, and point – whatever sentence their finger lands on is their directive. Then there are those who visit fortune tellers or tarot readers to find their path.

Armed with some personal discernment and wise counsel of others, I usually make good decisions.

If that doesn’t work, maybe I’ll spend the $9.99 on a Magic 8 Ball.

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