Frayed Apron Update

Hi there, friends! How are you on this lovely August day?

It has been a busy week of hosting out-of-town family (including one of my Top Five Favorite People, my mother), preparing for another school year at the university I work at, and working on various Frayed Apron things.

Running a new business while simultaneously being a mom of a toddler and part-time campus minister can be tricky at times. But with the help and support of friends and family, Frayed Apron is continuing to grow. I get so much joy and life from creating things for others, and am loving the process of developing Frayed Apron.

Here are a few new things on the Frayed Apron line…

And for you foodies out there, my newest granola blend, Almond & Cranberry Granola
Check out more Frayed Apron jewelry, accessories, art and other items at my online Etsy shop and granola shop.

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