How I Spent My Vacation

Holla. I’m back from the San Diego-Las Vegas Summer Tour. It was fantastic. Here’s what I did, for all you curious cats…

  • Had lunch and a tour at Stone Brewing Co., the beer-lover’s Disneyland. Good food, great beer.
  • Slept in past 10:00am for the first time in ages.
  • Visited various Southern California wineries. The best place was Cordiano Winery, a small, Italian family-owned joint where we were invited by Gerardo the owner to play bocce ball and eat homemade pizza.
  • Read Fahrenheit 451.
  • Experienced the joys of a day spa (which we got for free, thanks to Steve, the King of Freebies) at Rancho Bernardo Inn. I think heaven will be one gigantic spa, with fluffy robes, saline pools, chilled iced tea, and lush gardens.
  • Watched a late-night viewing of Inception. So mind-blowingly awesome. Have you not seen it yet? What are you waiting for?! Go now.
  • Survived the 115 degree Las Vegas heat. I really am quite perplexed as to why anyone would choose to live in Vegas.
  • Saw the Lance Burton magic show, which is scheduled to end its 14-year run this coming September.

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