I Am Not Superwoman

Do you ever wish you had superpowers? My guess is yes. We humans don’t seem to enjoy the fact that we have limitations. If we had things our way, we would make ourselves free from weakness, and able to do far more. Who are the heroes in our culture? People with superhuman abilities, like Spiderman, Ironman, King Leonidas from 300. When we watch these characters, we dream about having those same qualities.

Personally, I have never really thought much about having x-ray vision or the gift of teleportation. What I do long for is the power to do everything in my life right. I wish I could fulfill all my roles and responsibilities in flawless fashion. I want to be the perfect wife, mother, career woman, friend, and everything in between. In my mind, I envision becoming the type of woman who effortlessly manages work and family life, can whip up a delicious meal in fifteen minutes, keeps her home impeccably clean, sends handwritten thank you notes, and looks good while doing it all.

Instead, I have many moments of falling short. Sometimes my house is a mess (seriously, when was the last time I dusted?). Sometimes I am impatient with my family, and speak to them with harshness. Sometimes I don’t return phone calls until three days later. Sometimes I am too tired to cook a healthy meal, and end up ordering Thai takeout instead.

I am starting to let go of the idea that I can become this superhuman woman. I mean, does she even really exist? Who can truly do everything perfectly? I think I need to say goodbye to this idealized, unattainable self, and accept my own humanity. I have flaws and weaknesses and limits, and maybe that’s okay.

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