•  Last week I got my first ever speeding ticket. I was in the carpool lane during rush hour, and was mentally scoffing at all the suckers in the regular lanes for going so slow. Then I heard sirens behind me, and got served a big, expensive lesson in humility. 
  • When I feed Aaron his meals, bits of food will fall onto the floor. Sometimes I pick up the pieces of food, and eat them.
  • I own a pair of glasses that I am supposed to wear, according to the eye doctor who prescribed them to me ages ago. Most of my friends don’t know this, since I never wear them consistently. But recently I’ve been considering wearing them more often, not really for the sake of improving my eyesight, but because I think they will look hot with my short hair.
  • The other day I watched Twilight with Steve, and thoroughly enjoyed it. He also thoroughly enjoyed it. We promptly rented the sequel.
  • I have been daydreaming about getting a tattoo. But I fear that I’ve missed that window of appropriateness now that I am a 29-year old mother.

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