Housey Stuff

What I have been up to lately? Not blogging, that’s for sure. I sort of lost my blogging mojo this week due to moving into our new place. But I’m back! Since my last post, I have accomplished the following:

  • Unpacked about fifty boxes. Is it possible for someone to own far too many different types of glassware? The correct answer is yes. The reason why we need three styles of champagne glasses is beyond me.
  • Put a bunch of items for sale on craigslist. Anyone need a 15-year old VCR?
  • Sawed planks of wood outside on our front lawn at 10:30pm, securing my reputation among the neighbors as “That Crazy Lady.”
  • Discovered some really great coffee shops and eateries (including a wine bar and Salvadoran restaurant) in our neighborhood.
  • Rescued my precocious 10-month old from swallowing staples and nails that he found in the carpet on many occasions.

 In my spare time I now watch HGTV and soak in all its decorating and design goodness.

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