More Verbs

I’m currently…

wishing: someone else would eat up the leftover Halloween candy
disliking: the dusty furniture and dirty bathrooms I don’t have time to clean
reading: Loving Our Kids On Purpose by Danny Silk and The Host by Stephanie Meyer
missing: the luxury of 8+ hours of uninterrupted sleep
wanting: an immersion blender…maybe it will go on my Christmas wish list
improving: my Scramble score on the iPhone
realizing: I have five different To Do lists that I should consolidate
loving: boots, scarves and Mexican hot chocolate
considering: buying a space heater to compensate for our horribly uninsulated house
watching: Top Chef and wondering why Robin is still around
regretting: staying up so late to blog
hoping: that I can make a successful roasted turkey for Thanksgiving

What are you currently doing?

4 thoughts on “More Verbs

  1. Immersion blenders are THE WAY to make baby food. I found this out a bit late. I was using a regular blender for a few months which turned out to be much more work. I don't have a food processor so I can't compare with that.


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