How To Peel a Kiwi Fruit

The other day while flipping through one of my favorite cookbooks, Cooking Essentials by James Peterson, I read about the correct way to peel a kiwi. At first I thought to myself, “How much better can James Peterson’s method be?” After all, my way of peeling a kiwi – taking a paring knife, and peeling off the skin in one long strip like you would an apple – seemed to be satisfactory. But after trying the method described in the book, I am a believer. It was far simpler and more efficient, and resulted in a whole kiwi with minimal wasted fruit.

  1. Cut the ends off the kiwi with a sharp paring knife.
  2. Slide a spoon just under the skin and twist it around, scraping against the inside of the peel while not cutting into the flesh.
  3. Slide the spoon all the way through to the other end of the kiwi, completely detaching it from the skin.
  4. Slide the kiwi out of the skin.

Ta-da! You now have a smooth, round kiwi that can be sliced or eaten whole. No mess, no waste, lots of delicious kiwi.

10 thoughts on “How To Peel a Kiwi Fruit

  1. Dang if I know this I wouldn't have wasted those kiwi that I had not to long ago. Thanks Larissa! Hope all is well and give Aaron a big hug and kiss from me. Take care and God Bless!


  2. I tried it today, since kiwis at Superior are 5/$1.00! It was so much fun peeling with a spoon…except I think I need a little more practice to get it closer to the skin. I think I wasted too much of the meat…haha. Thanks for sharing! 🙂


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