Extra Extra: I Learned a New Skill In the Kitchen

  • A few days ago, I learned the correct way to peel a kiwi fruit (apparently I have been doing it all wrong my entire life). It was positively magical, and I will post about that soon.
  • Speaking of fruit, that is all I have been eating recently – plums, pineapple, strawberries, figs. I suppose it is my way of preparing to say farewell to all the bounteous fresh fruit as the fall season arrives.
  • Steve is currently away on a work-related trip in St. Louis for five days. Being the primary caretaker for our son can be challenging, but when Steve is gone for long stretches of time, I can go positively berserk. Aaron and I are keeping busy by hanging out with friends, taking walks around the neighborhood, and running errands together. Hopefully both he and I will survive the week.
  • I am 5 pounds away from losing all of my pregnancy weight! Thanks to my husband who watches the baby while I to the gym, thanks to my baby who eats like there’s no tomorrow, and thanks to healthy snacks like granola and dried apricots. When I reach my weight goal, I plan to celebrate by purchasing a new something for my wardrobe. Maybe those boots that have been calling out to me?
  • No hair cut yet. I have a hair appointment in a few weeks, and am discussing potentially drastic hair changes with trusted friends. I will consider posting a photo if it is a success. If it isn’t, I reserve the right to hide under a hat for a month.

4 thoughts on “Extra Extra: I Learned a New Skill In the Kitchen

  1. When I went to BlogHer, one of the vendors was the Australian Kiwi people (don't remember their official name) … and they were handing out this plastic utensil for eating kiwi. Knife on one side to cut the kiwi in half … and a spoon on the other to scoop out the kiwi. It was pretty cool!


  2. i tried peeling a kiwi a couple weeks ago and it was pretty entertaining since i had no idea what i was doing!! haha.

    and props to you for almost losing all of your pregnancy weight, that's awesome.


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