Hair Dilemmas

It seems like everyone has a Hair Person.

It is that one hairstylist they’ve been loyally seeing for years and years. Usually it is either a tattooed girl with spiky fuchsia hair, or a guy who wears aviator sunglasses and has a decisively European name like Paolo. This hairstylist knows everything there is to know about hair, and can be trusted completely to pull off a great haircut (and dispense relationship advice when needed). Finding that one great Hair Person is one of life’s most significant quests, ranking up there alongside Perfect Burrito Stand (at least here in Los Angeles) and Reliable Car Mechanic (who will not screw you over and overcharge you for car parts that you didn’t even need in the first place). I have yet to find mine.

I have been going to the same beauty salon for nine years. I go there because it is inexpensive and within walking distance of my house. The stylists are pleasant, and have never completely ruined my hair (which I guess has been my standard in a hairstylist – please don’t completely ruin my hair, and I’ll keep coming back). My way of ensuring that I get a decent haircut is by asking for the same hairstyle over and over. I leave without breaking the bank or crying from haircut trauma.

But recently I have become dissatisfied. I want more. I want someone who can tell me what sort of haircut will fit my hair type and face shape and lifestyle. I want someone who can magically sculpt a masterpiece out of my sometimes temperamental hair. I want someone who simply gets me and my hair. And if possible, I do not want to spend an exuberant amount of money.

Later this week, my friend who always has amazing hair is taking me to her stylist (that’s when you know you have attained solid friendship status – when someone is willing to share their hairstylist with you). Maybe I will finally find the perfect Hair Person.

14 thoughts on “Hair Dilemmas

  1. I don't have a hair person either. 😦 I go to the same person, and get the same style over and over but I am so afraid of making a change as I've done it in the past and it turned out to be a nightmare.


  2. Funny that you are talking about this today…
    I don't have a hair stylist either since I have only been living in Vancouver for a year and a half, but I decided to take a risk and go to the salon around the corner, which is not cheap.
    Here I am now crying my eyes out because the stylist went mental cutting my hair and pretty much gave me a mullet with big hair on top….??!!
    I want to die, but I want to kill him first!

    I have decided to give him a call and tell him how I feel


  3. i found my perfect hair person and she's amazing! i would never go anywhere else. i can go in there with a vague idea and come out with the perfect cut/color that i didn't even realize i wanted.


  4. I really do hope you find that hair person, I really don't mind having to go all over the town just for a hair cut and find a great stylist. A great hair cut really will last a while 🙂


  5. My Hair Person lives in my college town, and he cut my hair for almost five years. I had to stop going to him because it got ridiculously expensive. (He did the governor's hair. Think upwards to $100 for a cut…)

    I've been trying to find a new one in this town, but it's so hard. I hope it worked out for you this past week and that you finally found your Hair Person!


  6. I don't have a regular hair person because I get my hair cut once a year, if that. And every time I go, I make a drastic change. So the last few years I have just gone to places I have coupons for when the time comes. That, and I have friends, and their eye is as good as mine. My hair is long, curly, huge, and uneven already. So I just tell them to go for it.
    Good luck finding a hair person!


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