A Gift For Myself

I recently received a nice sum of gift money. Hooray for unexpected cash! Since the money was a present, I decided to do something out of the ordinary – spend it on something completely for myself. Practically all of our regular income goes to necessities, bills and savings. But gift money is a whole different matter – it is supposed to be spent on fun, extra things that bring you joy. So I went and bought this sterling silver tree necklace on Etsy, where multitudes of cute and pretty things beckon.

Over the last several years, the tree has been a significant image for me – a symbol of hope, redemption, and life. I have often clung to this image in moments when I am in need of a good dose of something to keep me going.

Now, with this gift for myself, I have a tangible reminder that there is always something to hope in.

11 thoughts on “A Gift For Myself

  1. Yay! Beautiful necklace, beautiful imagery, and good initiative, actually spending that money on yourself. I find I always intend to, but usually end up depositing the check, probably using it for something more “necessary,” and forgetting about it … which isn't the point at all!


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