Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Giveaway

Sometimes life gives us something unexpected and wonderful.

In those moments we get awakened from the ho-hum daze of everyday life, and we smile and say to ourselves, “Oh right! The world is an exciting and lovely place.”

I experienced one of those moments when I tried Dark Chocolate Almonds from Trader Joe’s. You may be saying, “Larissa, chocolate almonds? How terribly unoriginal!” But wait! These chocolate almonds are made with rich Belgian chocolate, and covered in coarse bits of turbinado sugar and sea salt. Certainly not your typical chocolate-covered nut. The first time I ate one, the surprisingly delightful combination of dark chocolate, salt and toasted almond practically made my brain explode, and I was a believer.

Because I want to spread the joy around, I am giving one of you a box of Dark Chocolate Almonds to try for yourself. And to sweeten the gift, I’ll throw in a few other special goodies from Trader Joe’s, Dark Chocolate Edamame and Dark Chocolate Chipotle Hazelnuts. Each of these chocolates blend unique, surprising ingredients that result in not-so-standard dark chocolate treats. So there you go. Three boxes of delicious chocolate, one winner.

Want to win? Leave me a comment on this post and tell me this: What is something unexpected and wonderful that happened in your life recently?

The giveaway will end on Sunday August 30th at midnight PST, and a winner will be randomly selected and contacted. Lots of chocolate-y indulgence will follow.

18 thoughts on “Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Giveaway

  1. International delivery available? hehe….

    Well, for my birthday last Monday, my friends from my Bible study group in the States sang happy birthday to me using the Facebook video application. I was only expecting facebook messages since I am in Shanghai but they actually created a video. It was a wonderful surprise! ~Sandy Weng


  2. Yay Trader Joe's! Ok, to answer your question, I learned that I would do ok by myself. Recently, my boyfriend of over a year and I broke up and let's just say I wasn't for the break up. In my mourning period I realized that I rather work on myself and be a better person than give my heart to someone else while I really only see myself with him. Well I guess it paid off because we are back together and I'm happy to know that no matter what happens, I'll be ok!


  3. In March of this year, my car was totaled and I purchased a new vehicle. In July, my boss gave me a raise that covers the new car payment completely! Woohoo! Now I don't have to stress over where the money is going to come from for school clothes when my son starts kindergarten next month and my daughter can start ballet when she is three next month! I am so thankful and blessed.


  4. Ironically I won a box of these TJ's Dark Choco Almonds recently. I go to TJ's about once a month and take my reusable bags, which allows me to enter into their weekly $25 drawing. Well low and behold, I won last month! I won one of their reusable bags pre-filled with some TJ's non-perishable foods.

    Don't pick me for your giveaway though. I already got to try these, plus I didn't really love them. I actually passed them on to my neighbor.


  5. I just discovered an unexpected favorite spot to eat in Old Town Alexandria. I had passed the Old Town Deli frequently but never payed it any attention because of its lackluster appearance. This is the definition of a 'hole in the wall' spot. Then, the other day I was reading reviews of places to eat and found they got rave reviews, especially for their 'sampler salad', which has a dressing the owners keep under lock and key. Local foodies agreed, you can't go wrong with your order, just take it to go.

    So I decided to try something new, and man was it worth it! It's a bit like going to the 'soup nazi' ala Seinfeld, but that's what makes it such an experience. And did I mention it's the best salad I've ever had for $7? Once again, never judge a book by its cover… by keeping an open mind you may discover something wonderful!


  6. randomly got passes to see one of my favorite bands from high school and we ended up with really good seats. i felt like i was 15 again and even ran into a friend i hadn't seen since high school who was also a big fan.


  7. I just realized my daughter actually shares my passion for cooking…baking!! She is slowly realizing it herself. Friday the 28th is my birthday so I decided to do for myself what I do for my loved ones. Make special foods for them the whole week before their BD. I am making my favorite cakes for all this week Birthday week!! I will be taking them to our favorite eatery , where my husband manages, and have customers try out the sweets we baked, they love the surprises!!


  8. My favorite college professor/ mentor was just 28 when she came to teach at my small university. Moving to a small town and being a young women with a PhD in Science made it difficult to find young, single, Christian men. After I graduated we became friends and I often discussed with her her desire to become a mother. A few years ago she became a foster mother to a little girl, however after a long, difficult and emotional years the girl went back to her abusive biological mother. The following year my professor/ friend decided to adopt a baby. She was rejected. That was the last I had heard. Until today….. I found out that last spring she started undergoing IVF with sperm from an annonymous donor and that she is now pregnant! And she found out today she is having a girl!
    This news absolutely warmed by heart because this was a young, attractive, smart, fun, educated, independant, fabulous woman. On the outside she had everything going for her. But on the inside she was empty because she couldn't become a mother. I am just so happy that she was straong enough to say “OK, I can do this parent thing on my own!” and that she got pregnant and now hopefully her dreams will come true. It just couln't happen to a better person.
    Her pregnancy news was wonderful and unexpected today!


  9. On a recent shopping trip with my family, just as I was longingly walking past Bath & Body Works (not the kind of thing the unemployed spend their money on), my sis-in-law whipped out a $50 gift card to the store, got bright-eyed, and said, “C'mon, we're splitting this!” Yay for family! Yay for generosity! Yay for Cucumber Melon foaming antibacterial soap!


  10. I pulled off something at work that I thought I was going to get in big big trouble for. Even though it was totally my fault in the first place, it was nice that it didn't have to get worse.


  11. OOOOOH! We don't have that store here, I would love to win this!! 🙂


    Okay so I'd been wanting a tragus piercing for a while, and while having lunch with my mom the other day I mentioned it. So she promptly dragged me to the tattoo/piercing shop and I got it done!! My mom is AWESOME!


  12. i seem to have found a bronzer (mineral) that is covering up my blemishes quite nicely…i've been struggling with my problem zits and coverage has always been my problem. so it's definitely a pleasant surprise!


  13. Amazing! I've never had anything from Trader Joe's, and these chocolate covered almonds sound delicious!

    Ever since I came to this town, I have wanted to do an in-depth photo story on a local issue. I found my issue, but I have been having trouble finding someone to help me find a subject. I spoke to the news editor tonight, who loved my idea and who immediately began searching through our story archives to find someone who could help me out. I am SO EXCITED, and I never expected she would be so enthusiastic about it!


  14. I wish I would have read this sooner,so I could have been in the drawing for the chocolate. Too late for me, since the drawing has already happened. I guess I need to keep up with reading the blog more regularly.
    Mom Marks


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