My Life in Verbs

I’m currently…

wishing: that we would find a good house to buy
disliking: my habit of biting my fingernails when I am bored
reading: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (for the first time)
missing: having lots of time and energy to cook
wanting: this pregnancy weight to magically disappear
improving: my time management skills
realizing: gratefulness is something I can choose to have
loving: spending lots of time with family this week
considering: a really short hair cut
watching: Top Chef Masters
regretting: the chocolate candy I ate yesterday
hoping: to make it to the beach at least once before summer ends

What are you currently doing?

8 thoughts on “My Life in Verbs

  1. “regretting the chocolate i ate yesterday” embrace it girl! hahaha jk jk i know what you mean… now i try to 'portion' out my chocos but it never really works. =S


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