Best iPhone Apps for New Parents

My infant son, already an iPhone fan.

I love my iPhone. An iPhone can solve many of life’s dilemmas. Armed with the right apps, it can even help with parenting. As a new parent, I can’t tell you how many times the iPhone has been my saving grace. For all you other new (or future) parents out there, I put together a list of my personal favorite iPhone apps. I use each of these apps on a regular basis, and put my official Mommy Stamp of Approval on them. Now if only someone would invent an app that changes my baby’s diapers…

  • Baby Activity Logger: Allows you to easily log and track your baby’s activities, including when he’s eating, sleeping and in need of a diaper change. I obsessively used this for a month after my son was born. It really came in handy during the early days when our pediatrician wanted to know exactly how many times a day the baby was eating and pooping.
  • Camera: Forgot to charge the battery of your digital camera, or left it at home entirely? The camera app comes in handy when you need to capture all those cute baby moments. Photos can also be emailed or posted online with just a few clicks. The camera app that automatically comes with the iPhone can be improved with additional apps.
  • Facebook: Life with a new baby can be chaotic. When you want to connect with other people, but just don’t have enough time or energy, the Facebook app is one way to keep in touch (obviously an app is a shallow substitute for real life relationships, but when you’re nursing your baby at 4am and need some contact with the outside world, you take what you can get).
  • Lose It!: This weight loss app is probably more mom-specific (although dads may also have unwanted pounds to lose). Pesky pregnancy weight can be shed with the assistance of this app that helps you set goals, budget calories, and record food and exercise.
  • WhiteNoise: Soothes your fussing baby, and helps him sleep better. Great during car rides, restaurants, and all the other times when you’re in desperate need of something, anything, to help stop the crying (yours or your baby’s).

If you know of any other iPhone apps that are helpful to parents, please share!

9 thoughts on “Best iPhone Apps for New Parents

  1. Wow! I have an itouch with is cool too! Only draw back is that I need a wireless connection. Praying that I can afford an iphone when it's time to upgrade. If not I would probably revert to a somewhat basic phone. Sad to say but with cutbacks in our pay I just can't afford it. Oh well, I think God is telling us to get back to the basics.


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