Staycations and Stay-Dates

This summer, because of the current financial crisis, staycations have gained popularity. Instead of spending large sums of money on a typical destination vacation, more and more people are opting to spend vacation time at home or take day trips to local attractions. The goal is to create the feel of a traditional vacation for a fraction of the cost. The phenomenon of the staycation is now so big, the term was added to the 2009 version of the Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary.

Since we live in Los Angeles, where there are endless things to do, Steve and I have been making a list of staycation activities we hope to do this summer. Our list includes: go to a taping of The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien, the beach, Disneyland and the Hollywood Bowl.

We have also been perfecting the stay-date, our new version of a date since Aaron was born. We put the baby to bed, and spend a night in together. Sometimes we watch a movie, sometimes we play poker (loser always cooks the winner breakfast), sometimes we just kick it on the porch with wine and cheese. These little stay-dates have become important times for us to connect with each other, and enjoy each other’s company.

Anyhow, I suggest we all get creative this summer and take a staycation. Tell me, what would you do for your dream staycation?

15 thoughts on “Staycations and Stay-Dates

  1. have you given the Rose Garden a try? it makes for a nice evening stroll.

    also, ever since seeing “Yes Man” I've wanted to go up to the Griffith Park Observatory. It has a nice view when the smog isn't bad.


  2. I'm glad you guys have been able to find ways to connect.

    I have been loving the experience of finding peace in the middle of the city here in Vancouver.


  3. We usually get leave from work in December and this year we also opted to stay home. We have many things in mind…going to the zoo, a theme park, live shows, walks with the puppies, braai's (bbq's), and just relaxing. I'm actually really looking forward to it!


  4. Your stay dates sound great! I have a long list of staycations since I've been trying to be busy. This weekend my girls and I are going to a local winery in Chadds Ford, PA that is having a Sangria Sunday event. Three hours of wine, food, and music = perfect!


  5. I've been wanting to travel my state too since I'm still relatively new to Seattle and there is SO MUCH to do here. I think it's the way to go!

    Of course, I leave for Chicago next week so…not doing so well with the staycationing. 😉


  6. Staycations are hard for me! All I want to do is get away from the heat, but when we can't, a night of walking along the lake trail by our building is the default.


  7. I just heard of the greatest idea for a staycation! A friend of mine is getting a service at a local resort spa. With the purchase of any service she gets to spend the entire day at the resort, using the thick couches by the pool, ordering drinks and pretty much spending a vacation day away from home without the priciness of a $500/night hotel! Love the idea and can't wait to do it!


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  9. Justin and I do “stay-dates,” and we don't even have a baby to keep us home, haha! I love my house, and hanging out here (or at his place) cooking, eating, watching TV, or reading is fun for me. As for “staycations,” I've found that plane tickets these days are often a bargain, so my travel instincts haven't been fully suppressed. 🙂


  10. I have always liked the idea of a staycation. Because there are always a million things I want to do, but don't feel like I have to since I'm local to these attractions and can always do them. (You can imagine, with that mentality, I rarely do any of the fun things!) I'd go running or biking along the lakefront mid-morning when no one is out there. I'd go to the local museums (one per day!). I'd go to the movies (something I never seem to have the time to do). And I'd go window shopping in areas that have cute boutiques (again, something I never make time to do).


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