Why I Blog

I’m a little surprised that I’ve continued to post regularly on this blog, despite being consumed with new mommy responsibilities and returning to work. I suppose I just anticipated being so busy that things like blogging would fall by the wayside. Not that I don’t have some weeks when blogging is pretty low on the priority list, and finding the time to do it is challenging. But most weeks, between diaper changes and catching up on email, I still post on my little corner of the internet.

Which leads me to wonder…why do I blog? What is it that drives me and motivates me to write down my thoughts and life events and recipes, and publish them here for people to read?

When I originally began this blog, I was in a strange time in my life. Most simply, I was in a rut. Some might call it a quarter-life crisis, although I wouldn’t label it quite so dramatically. It was more like a season of feeling stuck in the same place. My life was beginning to seem stagnant, and I needed something new.

So I started this blog. Its origins are humble, as can be seen by my first post in March of 2007. It was and continues to be a way for me to share my life and reflections, and to cultivate my personal creativity.

I don’t blog as a form of keeping a journal, nor as a means of therapy. I don’t use my blog to vent, escape, or say things I wouldn’t say in real life.

I blog about silly things, like getting attacked by a man with a shopping cart, and my disdain for the word “preggers,” with an occasional dash of thoughtfulness, like my opinions on interracial marriage (clue: I’m for it). There are also the frequent recipe posts, which is my way of capturing my love of cooking, and sharing it with others. I blog because it allows me to connect with people. It helps me keep friends and family informed. It lets me discover all sorts of new and interesting people among the incredible community of the blogosphere. This blog is a place to call my own, where I have a presence and a voice. I blog because I love it.

To all of you readers, thanks for sticking around here. Some of you I know in real life, others I have forged some surprisingly wonderful relationships with over the internet, others may be readers I don’t even know about. But to all of you, the sentiment is the same. I’m glad to be here with you.

14 thoughts on “Why I Blog

  1. I wish I could have the motivation to blog consistantly. I just feel like I need to censor myself for I would be judged otherwise by those that read. Therefore, I find it hard to take real ownership of my blog as you have.


  2. i'm glad you blog because i love reading about silly things and reading your recipes and taking arts & crafts tips frm you! 🙂 thanks larissa!


  3. It seems common that those who have started blogging when they are in a rut, so to speak, are the ones who have continued it on and loved it for all it's worth (the connections you speak of). I started that way as well. For those who started just to blog, those are the ones that seem to fall by the wayside. Blogging opens up a whole new avenue of life, one that I have grown to love and enjoy sharing with you!!

    Oh, I've also been incredibly surprised how you have continued to post regularly, even after having your little one!! And it's about adult subjects, too, not just baby diapers and feedings, although I am sure your life has plenty of that right now, it doesn't seem to be consumed by it as much as I've seen some people consumed by it. Seeing you gives me hope that if ever I do have another little one one day, that I will be able to keep my perspective and not be overwhelmed by the needs and wants a little one requires, like I did with my boys, too. The thought of that fog is dreading, and you give me hope it's possible to not be in that fog.


  4. I think the idea of being reflective for a few minutes, whether it's about big stuff or little stuff, is really important. And you are definitely a role model for how to do it while balancing work, motherhood, wifedom and life! Glad you chose to stick around!


  5. I love blogging because it allows me to slow down when I need to–I never really know what I'm going to write about, so it helps me to see what is on the back of my mind in a way.

    Good job with keeping up with everything–very impressive!


  6. That's what matters, loving blogging because of love not because of other reasons like making it an obligations or something. I'm glad you're still updating. I like reading about your life.


  7. Blogs are such wonderful things. You can use them for whatever you need: keeping family and friends up-to-date, venting, sharing your favorite things or photos… I love it when someone is open and honest in their blog, and who they are comes through. Yours is definitely like that, and always a pleasure to visit!


  8. I've only been a here-and-there commentor, but believe me when I say I'm so glad you keep writing. Even though it's only snapshots of your life–I couldn't really claim to know you in any real sense–I think there's something real to be gained from sharing stories, from sharing life. Thanks for being here!


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