Rock the Vote: My Weekend Plans

The first weekend of July is approaching! Maybe LA’s June Gloom weather will finally dissipate, and we’ll get some sunny mornings. In any case, it truly feels like summer around here, and that means extra fun summer weekend plans.

This weekend I have a few special things going on. But I need help making some key decisions because I can be quite indecisive. That’s where YOU come in. Help me out by casting your vote for the decisions below. It’s like Choose Your Own Adventure. Ready…set…go!

Decision #1
I’m attending a friend’s wedding. It is an evening, outdoor semi-formal affair in Los Angeles. Should I wear this gray empire-waist dress with silver trim…

…or this yellow spaghetti-strap number?

Decision #2:

For a dinner party I’m having with some friends, I want to make a dish using fresh cherries I bought yesterday. I’m excited about trying out a new dessert recipe since we hardly ever eat sweets at home. Should I make these mini cherry pies…

…or these cherry almond tea cakes?

And finally, Decision #3:
I have some free time this weekend. Should I use it to do chores…

…or to spend quality time with this guy?

Cast your votes in the comments, and you’ll win good weekend vibes from yours truly.

18 thoughts on “Rock the Vote: My Weekend Plans

  1. hmmm for an evening event i'd say the grey empire waist! decision number 2 i'd say tea cakes and number 3… well i think we all know the answer to that! heehee! btw, i totally got inspired by your post about the jewelry organizer with the canvas, i made one today!!!! 🙂 thank you!


  2. I would chose the grey dress, make the mini cherry pies and spend time with Aaron! What ever decision you make it will be great no matter what. Take care and have fun!


  3. The grey dress, the cherry almond tea cakes, with Aaron…

    In the library with the rope.

    Sorry – couldn't resist! 😉

    Looks like the tea cakes are in the leas and the grey dress WINS with unanimous votes. Whoo!


  4. Go with whatever dress accentuates the boobies best! Make the tea cakes and if you have any left over cherries and it's warm outside, so you can also make some cherry infused sweet tea (cherry simple syrup)! And I think The Little Guy trumps housework any day! It is amazing how much he looks like you!


  5. 1) Gray dress
    2) Depends how many cherries you have and how much time you got. Tea cakes look easy because you don't have to pit the cherries, but looks like only 1 or 2 cherries per cake. Mini pies look like they use more cherries. And if you were me, right now, you would have 10 pounds of cherries in your fridge. As a result, I'm considering a cobbler.
    3) definitely Aaron.


  6. 1. Grey dress for sure! Looks more wedding-esque, as the yellow one looks more casusal.

    2. OMG THE CHERRIES! That looks so cute, and 'different' you know? Awesome. I'd dig in to those bad boys so quick!

    3. The babes 🙂


  7. Oooh I love, love LOVE the gray one, but the yellow is SO much more summery!! I am so torn! If it stays outside the whole time and does not go into the evening I vote for the yellow. If it goes into the evening and inside, I'd go with the gray.


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