Year Three

Steve and I had our 3rd wedding anniversary this past Wednesday.

To celebrate, we went out for drinks and sushi (a big thank you to Steve’s parents who made our date possible by watching Aaron for the evening!). We spent the night reminiscing about our wedding day and other memories, and considering how much we have grown together in our marriage.

This year, in particular, has been quite memorable for the two of us. Here are a few highlights:

In London, during our big trip to Europe (which also included Italy and Spain).

Meeting our new niece Kaitlyn.

The moment we discovered we had a baby on the way.

Dressed up as a Surfer Dude and the Pillsbury Doughboy during our annual Halloween party.

Eating saimin in Hawaii during our Christmas trip.

Celebrating my 28th birthday, 80’s style.

Dressed up as pirates for Steve’s 30th birthday. Um, we dress up in costumes a lot, don’t we?

Our baby shower.

One of the final days before the baby’s due date.

Our new family of three.

We’re looking forward to what this next year has in store for us!

12 thoughts on “Year Three

  1. Congrats! How exciting for y'all! And I love that you wear costumes a lot for parties and the like. Costume parties are the best!


  2. I just found your blog, and I'm glad I did! It looks like the last year has been so incredible, and that this next year is shaping up to be pretty amazing too!


  3. I love how, as the pictures progressed, so did your baby belly! Oh what a lovely way to go into year 4 – with a new baby and a great Pillsbury Dough Boy hat. 🙂


  4. No matter what you do, the two of you look happy together. And you're cute looking happy together. And therefore, you are deserving of another year filled with fun and lots of costumes! =)


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