Baby Sling

Real men wear baby slings.

Before our son was born, I had been shopping around for a good baby carrier, and found Maya Wrap, which sells great slings that are quite popular. The slings cost $65.95, which I thought was a steep price for a few yards of fabric and some metal rings. Low and behold, I discovered that the company believes in the product so much, it provides instructions on their website for making your own sling. I purchased sling rings at for $3.40, sturdy black linen, and made my own Maya Wrap baby sling.

Last week, we put Aaron in the sling, and he loved it. He was so cozy, he fell asleep within minutes of being carried. It also allows us to have some free hands and time. Happy baby AND happy parents.

14 thoughts on “Baby Sling

  1. You made your own? You rock! You could probably do any kind of pattern or fabric that you wanted though, so maybe you should do something more colorful.


  2. That is so adorable I can’t even stand it!

    I love that you are very much a DIY type of gal. I used to love to sew, back when I had access to a sewing machine. I’ve been thinking about getting back into it. Do you recommend any machines in particular?


  3. The sling was so amazing at putting Kaitlyn to sleep when she was tiny. It was so effective, Sam even wore it once in public despite having a feminine polka dot pattern.


  4. I love that you made your own sling! Just a little wearing tip……As your precious little bundle gets older, you will want to make sure that the fabric is evenly spread across your shoulder for maximum comfort. Happy Babywearing!


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