My Mad World

This week has been a crazy, crazy, crazy one.

First, life with a newborn baby. Whew! We are adjusting to a new routine that is dictated by this tiny thing in diapers, and are starting to figure him out. He loves to be swaddled tightly into a burrito with not one, but two blankets. He despises having his diaper changed and having his face wiped. He has a penchant for peeing mid-diaper change onto himself, which causes me to thank my lucky stars that we own a washing machine. When he is frustrated, he has the lungs to wail like a banshee. We are sleep-deprived, with little time for dishes, showers or responding to email. I will say, though, every night after we’ve all survived another day, and I kiss the nose of our son and inhale his wonderful baby smell, I know it is undoubtedly worth it.

Second, I injured my back last week while bending over to pick up my son. Who does that?! For days, it has hurt like crazy to sit, stand and lie down. The worst? Sitting while nursing the baby at 3am in the morning. Of all the things I anticipated needing to recover from post-delivery, a strained back was not one of them. A visit to a chiropractor may be in order soon. Ugh.

Third, we’re still in the process of buying a house. We found a great place nearby, and put an offer on it. A few days later our offer got accepted, and we began escrow yesterday. Yay! Thus begins the meticulous process of house inspections, loan approvals, and ten thousand other things that need to happen before we can actually call the house our own. We may be psychotic for doing this while adjusting to parenthood, but I am dreaming of the day we get the keys to our own home.

I need a bit of normalcy. Tell me, what have you been up to this week?

14 thoughts on “My Mad World

  1. Layla liked to be swaddled with two blankets. But that didn’t start till like month 5 when she got too strong for one blanket. Actually come to think of it, we doubled up. We wanted to keep those limbs tied and swaddled for as long as we possibly could.


  2. Congratulations on the house!! How exciting 🙂
    Well here’s some “normalcy” for you… my week has consisted of work, study, work, more study, work, work… and nope, no life in there whatsoever!! Sound appealing??? Don’t think so 🙂 To be honest, I would rather be cuddled up with a baby right now!!! Hahaha.


  3. I hope everything goes well with the house and you get to move in soon! Also, wow adjusting to a whole new schedule must be tough. I’m horrible without sleep.


  4. You have to be a wee bit crazy to go through the whole house-buying process. So, what better time than when you’re a wee bit crazed with a newborn at home?!? I don’t blame you for buying a house now, but I think you’re crazy for wanting to move now that you brought your baby home! =)


  5. What is normalcy? I really don’t know because my life has been a whirl wind of journey. Lately I’ve been working out more well maybe running more along the beach and up hill. It’s really uplifting to be out there running around and exploring the outdoors!


  6. Hey Larissa!

    You are doing great and adjusting well! Know that you are blessed and highly favored. Congrats on the house and each new day you have with your pumpkin. It will be so wonderful to be in a home you can call your own.

    Me? Well I am planning my son’s fifth birthday and taking it one day at a time adjusting to the “no nap” rule he and my daughter now follow….(sigh)…

    –sleepless in sacramento


  7. I will tell you what I’ve eaten so far today and what I wore, which are the most normal things going for human beings: I had generic cheerios with a strawberry on top, then I had gingersnaps, then coffeecake, then delicious home-made soup. I ate ALL of that while wearing jean shorts and a hoodie. The End.


  8. working like crazy! sorting out internet problems with my service provider for work. preparing for a business trip i take monday. crossing things off a to do list. LOVING the beautiful weather we had!


  9. i moved into the parks’ house on brighton and got very sick this past weekend. i slept 18 hours! =( getting ready to take students to thailand and I can’t believe it’s coming up so quickly!!!
    congrats on mommyhood and inprocessof owning a house!


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