Pregnancy Developments – Week 39

No sign of the baby yet. Besides my Jupiter-sized belly, that is. Our son will officially be a May baby, contrary to my husband’s late April prediction.

I’ve been keeping myself occupied with little bursts of nesting instincts. Every day I seem to think of a new domestic task that needs to get done before the baby arrives. Like cleaning out the fridge. And dusting the wine rack. And baking scones. Don’t ask me why these things need to happen now…they just do. This symptom of pregnancy is apparently contagious – Steve spent half of yesterday meticulously washing and cleaning our car for the first time I can remember. If this baby doesn’t arrive soon, we’re going to run out of chores.

We are also continuing the many do-it-yourself induction methods in an attempt to jump start this baby. I attempt to take daily walks, or rather daily waddles, which is quite a feat when it feels like a watermelon is strapped to one’s torso. The majority of my diet is now a strange combination of pineapple and spicy food. With every meal, I also take a capsule of Evening Primrose Oil. Still nothing.

There is a restaurant in Los Angeles called Caioti Pizza Cafe that is known for a legendary salad that is said to induce labor. We went there the other day, mostly out of curiosity. Pregnant woman by the droves have flocked to this place to eat what’s known as “The Salad,” a blend of romaine, watercress, walnuts and Gorgonzola cheese. The salad is topped with a balsamic vinaigrette dressing, which is apparently the key to its success. The restaurant has a collection of guestbooks, signed by expectant women who have eaten the salad. Some entries in the book are testimonials of women who went into labor mere hours after eating the salad. Others were still waiting for their babies, hoping that the salad would work its magic. While we ate, we flipped through the books, entertained by the stories of all these women. Before leaving, we signed the book. It’s now two days later, so I guess the salad didn’t work its wonders on me. But hey, at least I got a tasty salad out of it.

I am beginning to think that most of these supposed labor inducing strategies are really nothing more than distractions created for expectant parents with patience and control issues.

Little baby, I know you will come when you’re good and ready. I just hope it will be soon.

12 thoughts on “Pregnancy Developments – Week 39

  1. Come on baby! Don’t be scared of this cruel world. Know that you will be safe in the arms of my sister. You are definitely welcome to join our awesome family when you like. We’ll be here waiting on the edge of our seats.

    Uncle Stu


  2. “I am beginning to think that most of these supposed labor inducing strategies are really nothing more than distractions created for expectant parents with patience and control issues” Oh absolutely!!!

    I delivered at 40+5 with my first, and 41+3 with my second – and I think we tried EVERYTHING in the book (and several things that weren’t in the book!)to get them out.
    I even contemplated a DIY C-section with Lily, using our electric carving knife I was so fed -up. Ha!

    Ok – I promise I’m not here just to depress you lol. The upside was, I was able to have completely natural, safe labours, when my babies CHOSE to be born.
    Although at the time, each day past my due date felt like an eternity, now it is completely insignificant, as they made it, safe and sound!

    Good luck. Thinking of you.


  3. Hang in there Larrisa! The little one will come soon. Chores! I know I have been doing a lot lately but some how it never seems to end. Have a blessed week!


  4. I agree with your last paragraph, and yes I do think all the labor inducing strategies are either distraction or some marketing model. Anyway this is really exciting news. Good luck! 😀

    < HREF="" REL="nofollow">Alex’s World! –<>


  5. I hope your waiting game ends soon too! I wish I could offer some tips, but I do hope you run out of chores, because I think that would be a great feeling. But maybe that’s just me.


  6. Hang in there. He’ll come when he’s ready….and can you blame him for not wanting to come out of his warm and cozy room where he’s being held and rocked all day long?


  7. Your baby must be really comfortable in there! That’s why he’s waiting to make his grand appearance! 🙂 Be patient…good things come to those who wait. I know, easy for me to say. But I’m crossing my fingers for you!


  8. I’d never heard of a salad like that before, but that’s pretty crazy. Did you eat it? Heh.

    Your baby is just taking his time. No worries about that. I’m sure he will make his debut on a fantastic day.


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