Haupia Squares

Do you ever have those days when you’d like to crawl back into bed, and sleep until a new and brighter day shows its face? Me too.

Today has been blah. I have no better words than that. Just “blah.”

No baby yet. Maybe he’s waiting until better days when a swine flu pandemic isn’t imminent, and the global economy isn’t in utter chaos.

Also, we got disappointing news about the house we were wanting to buy. The seller ended up deciding not to sell the house after all. Now we’re back to square one with the house search, looking for the right place.

But I’m still holding out hope that today will end better than it seems so far. Because the end is what really counts, right?

That is why dessert is such a wonderful concept. You can have a mediocre or even bad meal, but if it is finished with a delicious dessert, then it can be counted as an overall good experience.

One of my favorite desserts is haupia. Haupia is a traditional Hawaiian coconut pudding with the firmness of gelatin. It is typically served at luaus, after a heavy Hawaiian meal.

This recipe for haupia has a nutty crust that gives a nice textural balance to the rich coconut. For the nuts, I use macadamia or walnuts. It is sweet, refreshing and creamy, and would make a good end to any day.

Haupia Squares

From Cooks.com

1 1/2 sticks butter
4 tablespoons sugar
1 1/2 cups flour
1/2 cup chopped nuts

Haupia Layer:
2 12 oz. cans coconut milk
3/4 cup sugar
1 cup water
7 tablespoons cornstarch, mixed with 1/2 cup water

For crust, cream butter and sugar. Add flour and nuts. Press lightly into greased 9×13 inch pan and bake at 350 degrees for 20 minutes. Set aside to cool. Meanwhile, cook coconut milk, sugar and water over medium high heat. Add cornstarch mixture to coconut mixture, and stir vigorously until it comes to a boil. Remove from heat, and pour over baked crust. Refrigerate to cool, and cut into squares.

31 thoughts on “Haupia Squares

    1. Please clarify!!! Ingredients states 2 12 oz cans of coconut milk YET directions says THAWED milk? Which is it frozen coconut milk if so what is weight OR 2 12 oz cans. I want to make this but do not have confidence due to the fact you did not write this properly. If you strayed from original recipe then edit your post prior to making public for everyone to read.


  1. Now this is my kind of dessert! It sounds so delicious. I have never had haupia before. Thanks! When I feel blah I like nice desserts like this, fancy drinks, and romantic movies. Sigh. One of my favorite fancy drinks are Italina sodas- a little fruit syrup over seltzer!


  2. This looks great! We have < HREF="http://www.recipe4living.com/Recipes/Recipe.aspx?id=60856" REL="nofollow">a haupia recipe<> on our site as well but it’s good to see another rendition! 🙂


  3. This looks amazing. I’d love to make this for my boyfriend, who is a big coconut fan – but he’s allergic to nuts. Can the nuts be omitted, or would that affect the texture of the crust too much?


  4. That sounds amazing! I have never understood why some people are so opposed to coconut…I love it and would put it in everything if I could. I am definitely making this!


  5. awww… hugs… don't worry about the missed house. Take it as blessing in disguised! I onced longed for large antique red & gold painted Chinese wooden clothe and shoes hanger but the price hit at me ridiculously! My Mom always said to me, “if the thing is yours, it will never run away from you”. Guess what? 🙂 2 years later, I went back to that same antique shop, the hanger is still there and the price was 60% off inclusive of delivery to my home! Ok, it can't compared to your dream home but it's an example. Never give up ok… I also took several years to find my dreamed apartment and to furnish it (am still doing it) LOL.

    Now, back to your dessert … it's a fabulous yummylicious! First time I read and seen this dessert. How long the crust withstand the moist top layer? Thank you for sharing this recipe.


  6. Pixen – thanks for the encouragement about the house. I really do believe that the right thing will come at the right time. And regarding your question, the crust keeps for about 1-2 days before starting to get soggy. So I recommend eating it all up quickly!


  7. liz brought some over to my apartment. I had 3, i ate one, i gave one to eric, and i placed the 3rd in the frig. I can’t find the one in the frig anymore…. :0


  8. mmm looks sooo good! I LOVE coconut so I will DEF be making this :0

    One Question though: Whats 1 1/2 block of butter equal to in cups?


  9. I love Haupia! But yeah, what do you do with those days? I just slept most of Friday away because I felt that way and just felt almost sad all day. It’s bothersome.


  10. its not as fancy as your recipe. it’s just cocunut milk mixed with agar to form a jello-y texture (but less wobbly). sometimes people put canned fruit on it or eat it as is.


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