Earth Day Confessions

I celebrate Earth Day along with the rest of the you. I’m all about doing what I can to be environmentally conscious. But as Earth Day 2009 comes to an end, I have a few personal confessions to make.

Earth Day Confession #1: I have not recycled anything in months. Our big, blue recycling bin was stolen a few months ago. By the way, who steals someone else’s recycling bin?! Rather than get the bin replaced, or find another way to recycle, I have been tossing used plastic, cardboard and newspapers into *gasp* the normal trash bins.

Earth Day Confession #2: I do not conserve energy on hot summer days. This week the temperature hit the mid-nineties in Los Angeles. Immediately, all fans in our house got turned on. I would have also sat in front of the opened fridge, but decided that would have just ended in spoiled food.

Earth Day Confession #3: My baby is going to wear disposable diapers. Part of me wishes I could be one of those modern, natural mothers who sew hemp clothes for their children, and serve only organic fruit. But I’m practical, I don’t own a washing machine, and therefore, will not be swaddling my child in cloth diapers.

So there you go. I love Earth Day, but I’m also a normal human being. Please don’t throw your reusable grocery bags at me.

18 thoughts on “Earth Day Confessions

  1. Funny thing about stealing recycling bins…. For our last film project, we contemplated stealing a bin or two for set decoration. We then found some people that allowed us to borrow theirs. But it was a serious thought of mine to steal someones recycling bin… Sorry.


  2. Hahaha at your Earth Day Confession #1, our paper recycling bin blew away in a storm about a year ago…and I have been equally bad about getting a new one.

    I shall slap both of our wrists (gently!)



  3. Your #3 actually says you WILL be swaddling your baby in cloth diapers. I started laughing until I came here from my reader and read the rest of the explanation and realized you still had your senses! Whew!


  4. I am not a great believer of the whole recycling (even tho I recycle everything I can), I don’t think much of it actually get recycled, you know?
    Instead, I try to base my purchase decision on the amount of packaging that is involved (soap instead of shower gel, loose veg instead of packed one etc.).
    Fair enough for the fan… hey you’re about to pop out! If there is one time you should be able to make yourself as comfy as possible this is the time!


  5. Hold on tight, it’s gonna get even worse after the baby gets here!

    Actually, it may get better since there are gonna be those days you forget to take a shower and brush your teeth (trust me, it happens).


  6. I don’t think we all need to be gung-ho earth conservators. But, if we each take little steps to better our earth, the collective whole will be that much better. Don’t feel guilty for the things you don’t do. Feel good about the things you can do.


  7. Don’t feel bad…there have been times right before parties when I’ve realized that all of our recycling is just sitting there, ugly, in the corner of the kitchen. And do I take ten minutes to drop it off at the recycling center that is literally THREE BLOCKS from our apartment? No. I take it out back and put it in the dumpster. Shaaaame on me, I know. But I like to think that the other things we do make up for these occasional slips!


  8. haha love this post. It really is so true – as wonderful as it is to do things that benefit the earth, sometimes we have to balance that with what’s truly practical!

    You’re due so soon!


  9. hey Larissa!

    this is probably not in the spirit of earth day, but your post made me laugh and made me think of this really great article in the New York Times magazine. after reading it, I must admit that I was much reduced in my sense of urgency and conviction about 'going green.' thought you might like it cuz it'll make you feel better about all your confessions…

    i hope the link works…
    take care,


  10. Happy Earth Day. Everywhere I go, everyone is celebrating this day. How did this came about?

    Hi Larissa, I haven’t been blogging for quite awhile now. Hope that everything is going well. Have a wonderful weekend.

    < HREF="" REL="nofollow">Alex’s World! –<>


  11. I’m a little late to the comment party, but I wanted to add that the jury is still out on which is actually worse for the environment: disposable or cloth diapers. One generates trash, and the other creates the need to use more resources (water, energy, etc.) So, don’t feel too guilty! 🙂


  12. fair enough. i don’t hate you. i had a roommate who would actually be ANGRY when we through something recyclable in the garbage. i loved her to bits. she had my recycling habits up to par and to this day i feel guilty tossing something recyclable into the trash.


  13. I am surprised you considered cloth diapers when you don’t have a washing machine.

    Someday when I do have a washing machine (knock on wood) I will feel utterly spoiled.

    My confession: I adore paper towels.

    But I do compost!


  14. Hey Larissa,
    I liked your post it was very human of you to admit some of yours little mistakes. Sometimes i feel exetaly like you. I feel good knowing people that at least have the conscious of what we can do about the enviromental situation of earth.
    About the illustration that you used? Where is it from? Can I make a t-shirt with it, if it is yourse ?
    Elisa Aguiar (from Brazil)


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