Has It Been a Week Already?

I once promised myself that I would never apologize on this blog for being too busy to post.

Lots of people do that – they don’t post for a while, start to feel guilty, and write a meek apology to readers about how sorry they are for not writing or commenting in the last week/month/year.

That will not be me. Real life happens, and sometimes blogging is not high on the priority list. And the moment I feel obligated or restricted by blogging, it just joins all the other items on my long To Do List, and ceases to be fun and life-giving.

All that said, here’s what I spent my week doing:

  • Survived half a week with no internet in the house. When you work at home, and spend lots of time online, being internet-less is quite painful. My inbox looked quite frightening. Thank goodness for my precious iPhone that was able to connect me with the outside world.
  • Successfully put together a dresser/changing table for the baby’s room. It took 3 hours and tedious screwdriver work, but it is finished!
  • Continued to wait on the house offer we made a few weeks ago. On Tuesday we got news that our offer had gotten approved (yay!), but then a complication arose on the seller’s end, and now we’re back to waiting and twiddling our thumbs. UGH. It drives me nuts to wait on something I don’t know the outcome of.
  • Started tying up loose ends with work in preparation for maternity leave. I officially begin maternity leave on May 1st, but who knows when this baby will decide to get here. So I am trying to be responsible, and finish various things up with work as much as I can.
  • Watched the most recent episode of LOST. Oh, how insanely wonderful this show is. I virtual-high-five anyone who has kept up with the entire series.
  • Gorged on calcium and protein. At our last doctor’s appointment, we discovered the baby is a bit on the small side. So I took it upon myself to make darn sure this boy gets all the nutrients he needs. Eggs, cottage cheese, turkey burgers, milk…they’ve been my fuel.

And now I’m headed to San Diego for some quality time with family. Have a great Easter weekend!

9 thoughts on “Has It Been a Week Already?

  1. LOL look at all those delicious stuff you have to eat 🙂 I’m sure the baby will grow big and strong, this is so exciting.I agree on the not apologize for not posting things 😀


  2. glad you don’t feel bad…I sorta do but that’s because I’ve been neglecting the blog for awhile now.I didnt realize your family lives in San Diego! The weather is quite nice right now…enjoy! 🙂


  3. After having put together so much furniture that I bought from Target & Ikea, I finally invested in an electric screwdriver/drill. It really helps.Careful about the protein consumption though! My sister did that for the same reason and now Anthony (my nephew) is 6 months and almost as heavy as his 18 month old sister!Have a restful Easter!


  4. Don’t feel bad for not posting as regularly! You’re a mom-to-be and I’m sure you’ve got lots going on. 🙂 Good luck with the house…hopefully you hear something really soon.


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