Natural Childbirth

Do you plan to have a natural or medicated birth?

That is THE question for every pregnant woman.

A few weeks ago, I was decisively pro-medication. Less pain during childbirth? Yes, please! I had heard enough women praise the merits of pain medication, and simply assumed that would be my preference for delivery.

But then my husband and I paused to consider what a big decision this was – the birth of our child! We started to take the decision seriously, and evaluate the options for ourselves before jumping to hasty conclusions.

After lots of research, discussion and consideration of the various options for birth, we decided we want to have a natural childbirth, as free from medication and medical interventions as possible. To be clear, we thought through many of the pros and cons of each possible methods of birth, and came to a conclusion that we both feel really great about.

Here are some of of the benefits of natural childbirth that went into our decision:

  • Women have the physical ability to give birth naturally, without medication or medical interventions, and have been doing it for generations.
  • Natural labor allows the woman to move around freely, and find positions that are comfortable and helpful in the delivery process.
  • There’s no loss of sensation or alertness during a natural birth, allowing the woman to actively participate during every stage of labor and birth.
  • Natural birthing women are less likely to need interventions such as Pitocin, bladder catheterization, or a vacuum extraction or forceps delivery.
  • Babies birthed naturally are more alert immediately after delivery, and show more ability to breastfeed and bond.
  • Recovery after a natural childbirth is often faster and easier.

This is our ideal birth situation. But we also realize that life doesn’t always go as planned, and are preparing for all possibilities. Obviously, if serious complications arise, and there’s clear risk to myself or the baby, we will do whatever it takes to have a safe birth.

Also, this is in no way a judgment against parents who make different choices than ours. I understand that different people have different values, and am certainly not trying to pick a fight with anyone.

Personally, I really want to have a birth that allows my body and our baby to naturally do what they are meant to do, to be connected and present to the entire experience, and to freely make decisions about the birth process. I desire the sense of accomplishment that I imagine I’ll have after the difficult and involved work of labor and delivery.

Unto that end, we have begun preparing for a natural birth. We’re reading books, scouring the internet, talking to friends, learning and practicing various relaxation techniques, planning with our doctor and doula.

And really, all we want in the end is a healthy baby.

31 thoughts on “Natural Childbirth

  1. Hello, new reader! Congrats on the baby!You also forgot that natural birth allows for the natural hormones associated with bonding to “do their job.” Studies have found that monkeys that have c-sections automatically reject their babies. People would likely do the same if it weren’t for social pressures.


  2. I was with my sister as she gave birth to my nephew- many, many hours of natural childbirth. The breathing, the bath tub, the panting, all the things she was supposed to do and I was IN AWE. I can only hope if I ever get to have a baby that I can pull off what she did. AMAZING!I hope you get the experience you are hoping for.


  3. Good for you! I have a lot of experience with this. I’m not an “expert,” but if you have any questions, I’d be happy to help. (Or, you can get some info by going to the Pregnancy Category on my blog. I also have my birthplan on the site, too…in case you’re interested.)My advice to you is to invest in a doula. For real. She was a lifesaver, and I can’t imagine doing it without her.(If you want to know the books I’d recommend, I can pass the titles along to you.) Good luck and feel free to email me!


  4. Ooooh good luck, my aunt did the same just a week ago. Natural birth, maybe with a little injections during an opening I guess to make you feel less painful. Natural birth is the best, good luck 🙂


  5. It is ABSOLUTELY possible! I have had three children, and did not have epidurals with any of them, including my third labour which was an induction. I truly believe a lot of pain comes from fear, and it sounds like by educating yourself so well you are going to definitely reduce that!!At the end of the day there are no medals for the women who go natural, the prize is still the same. BUT if you can do it, it’s so SO worth it ;o) Good luck,


  6. Good luck with that. I have no experience with fully natural childbirth, but let me just say that if it comes to it…epidurals rock! It makes all swear words disappear.


  7. I admit that I know absolutely nothing about childbirth, but as long as you are comfortable with whatever decision you guys make, then it’s the right one. Howabout underwater? I hear those are all the rage haha.


  8. I am proud of you for making that decision…I had two children all natural. Also, if you plan to breastfeed, you don’t have to worry about the medication slowing down the “presentation” of your milk. And YOU will also be more alert should you need to be after your delivery. And should you need to use an epidural or other form of pain relief, your are no less of a person or mother for doing so.ENJOY! ps. Take your own slippers and pullover nightgown for your hospital stay, you’ll feel much more comfortable!


  9. Hey Larissa! This is what I’m planning, too. In fact, we’re going to start our Bradley Birthing classes very soon. I’ve been reading many books on the Bradley Birth and it’s true, natural birth is NATURAL and has happened with millions and millions of women over centuries. It’s really how God created it to be. On the other hand, please don’t feel like you’re a “failure” if something happens where this is not possible. The best thing is to be mentally prepared. (The mind is a very powerful thing) and with a natural birth, you’ll need a good coach, (doula, and hopefully, Steve). My friends who have gone through it swear it’s the most amazing thing. In fact, we’re not even bothering with going to Lamaze classes. Good luck to you – can’t wait to hear all about it. Nancy


  10. You changed your mind since the shower! When I'm at your stage in life, I hope my ideal would be natural as well (but of course dependent on circumstances).A & I recently watched “The Business of Being Born.” So many Haiku kids I knew growing up were born at home–ppl would always ask, “who was your midwife?” I was born in the hospital though, after a failed attempt at homebirth by my mom (complications arose). I was always told that the pain of giving birth is nothing compared to the joy of having a healthy baby. But I think a natural birth in a hospital with a doula is a great solution.I'm impressed with your thoughtfulness and am learning from watching you go through this process. I'm so proud of you my friend.


  11. I don’t know anything about childbirth, but reading the benefits of a natural birth and many of the readers comments was quite insightful – it sounds like such a beautiful, “elemental”, natural thing! (As it should be, of course.)Best of luck with everything. 🙂


  12. Good luck!! I’m impressed with the amount of research you did and really hope it works out how you want it to. Either way, you’re going to have a beautiful baby!I don’t know if I could do the natural birth, but I’m sure I’ll re-consider when I’m pregnant. Your reasons make SO much sense!


  13. I am in awe of your decision. For me, however, I feel like I will be much more connected to the experience if I am not writhing and screaming in pain. And I’m also a big pain baby. LOL.


  14. I would opt for natural birth. Medication does have it’s side effects and I wouldn’t want that to harm the innocent baby. I’ll be praying for a successful birth and that your baby is healthy. I already know that this baby will be surrounded with lots of love. Take care and God Bless!


  15. thanks for the information. this is really interesting. i am nowhere near pregnant but it is something i do think about now that i am approaching my late twenties. as much as i think it’d be more painful, i think i would prefer a natural birth too. actually, i want something alternative like that water birth.. 😛


  16. According to a survey, each year over 600,000 women in USA undergo a tubal ligation. Tubal Ligation means permanent birth control and this ends a woman’s ability to have children. But what if a woman decides to become pregnant again? It is estimated that 6 percent of women who originally decided that tubal ligation was the way to permanently birth control, just within five years, they decide that they want to experience pregnancy and the birth of a new baby. Tubal reversal allows a woman the ability to conceive naturally without any harm. And in approximately 90% of cases the procedure can be reversed successfully.


  17. Underwater birth is getting famous. Underwater birth means delivery occurs while the mother is submerged in water. In this method, mother and new born child are benefited. But sometimes child has threat of inhalation also. So one should take proper decision.


  18. Here I wanna some information about a Medical term that is called Tubal Ligation reversal …
    For many women, having a tubal ligation (also known as female sterilization or getting your “tubes tied”) is a permanent way to manage your family size. Usually done once a woman feels that her family is complete, as much as 25% of women who have had the procedure end up changing their minds. If you have had your tubes tied but now regret your decision, you may want to consider having a tubal ligation reversal.


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