What Not to Eat

Yesterday, my diet consisted of the following:

Blueberry muffins
In-N-Out cheeseburger
In-N-Out fries
Buttered popcorn
Root beer
Triple Chocolate Pizookie from BJ’s

Today I woke up with a messed up stomach. Go figure.

15 thoughts on “What Not to Eat

  1. You are WAY TOO hard on yourself… remember, this is not you, but your little one whose hungry… boy right? This is just the beginning Larissa, just the beginning…


  2. Our nutritionist said In ‘n Out is actually not bad for you b/c of high quality ingredients and freshness. But the pizooki…boy they’re good on the way down, but they make me sick an hour later every time I’ve got them!


  3. Eh. That’s unfortunate your tummy was giving you problems the next day. (Mine would be doing the same thing.) The cheeseburger and fries look heavenly, though..


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