Happy Birthday, Blog

Dear Blog,

Happy birthday! You turn two years old today.

Remember the day you were born with this first (and quite diminutive) post, created on a whim? Look how you’ve changed and grown since then.

Little did I imagine what you would become – a collection of crafts and recipes, a chronicle of my travels and pregnancy, reflections that I previously would have kept to myself, a forum to meet and dialogue with all sorts of wonderful new people. Really, you’ve truly become an undeniably important pursuit of mine.

You allow me to be creative and authentic, to not take myself too seriously, and to have a place in my life that isn’t always consumed with work and life’s responsibilities.

I look forward to what the future holds in store for us.

Here’s to another wonderful year of your life, blog!

– Larissa

14 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Blog

  1. Happy blog-birthday! I just discovered you recently. Your recipe for siu mai is very high on my list too. Hope the house offering works out!


  2. Congratulations on this milestone! My 1 year is coming up in July and it’s good to know it’s called a “blogoversary” 🙂 Celebrate!


  3. Happy birthday, blog! I’m so glad you’ve kept writing all this time. Your blog has been such a joy to read, and your cheery posts have livened up so many of my days : ) Looking forward to many more!


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