Pregnancy Developments – Week 34

Coolest onesie ever. And yes, it’s making a racial reference.

Some friends threw us a baby shower over the weekend. We had an outdoor barbecue, a few silly baby games, and many gifts that our son will enjoy. Lots of friends and family were there, and we had a great time. More pictures here.

FYI, if you’re expecting a baby, do NOT buy baby clothes – people will gladly give and loan you heaps of infant wear. Our unborn child already has a bigger wardrobe than I do.

Now that there’s just a little over a month to go, we’re in full baby preparation mode.

The car seat is installed, the hospital bags are packed, and most of the important baby stuff has been purchased. Soon we’re going to take a tour of the hospital, and begin seeing the doctor once every two weeks for a check-up. There are a few decisions that still need to be made, but all in all, I think we’re ready.

The baby is supposedly over 4 pounds in weight, like an average-sized cantaloupe. He’s getting bigger by the day, and my body is certainly feeling the effects.

It’s difficult to breathe because the baby is pressed into my organs. My belly button, usually a nice innie, has begun protruding outward. I sincerely hope it goes back to its original state. No matter what position I’m in, my body aches all. the. time.

A new phenomenon is the baby’s hiccups. At least once a day, I can distinctly feel him hiccuping like a drunk little sailor. He has also started kicking and elbowing me in the bladder and ribs, which is about as pleasant as it sounds.

Besides some minor discomforts, I’m still enjoying the pregnancy, and haven’t yet reached the point of wanting it to be over. But check back with me in a few weeks. I reserve the right to change that stance.

21 thoughts on “Pregnancy Developments – Week 34

  1. You look absolutely fabulous at 34 weeks! I’m so excited for you and your little bun. ๐Ÿ™‚You’re so right about not buying clothes though… I think we’re set until Madeline’s a year old or so. NICE!


  2. Your shower was lots of fun. Thanks for including us! Oh, and I totally agree with the not buying baby clothes comment. Everything was given to her all the way down to socks and headbands. I didn’t buy Kaitlyn a single thing until after 3 or 4 months. Even then it wasn’t anything she needed….I just found a good deal on some cute stuff.


  3. You both look adorable and I love that onesie. I need to find that one day when we’re expecting ๐Ÿ™‚ Can’t wait to see photos of the lil’ guy. Oh, how exciting!


  4. Oh my gosh could you two be any more adorable?! And you definitely have that beautiful pregnant lady glow! I’m so happy for you guys. ๐Ÿ™‚


  5. It’s amazing how quickly your pregnancy has gone by, and it has been SO much fun reading about. (This is, of course, coming from a girl who is a few years away from being pregnant, haha.) The onsie is adorable, too!


  6. Best. Onesie. Ever. I wish I had known they had those so I could have picked them up for my niece & nephew.Having dealt with my sister's two pregnancies, we've noticed that the best gifts are the small things that most people without kids don't notice, like bottles, bottle cleaning brushes, diaper bags and etc.Although strollers are like gold to first time parents.


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