Can I Blame It On Pregnancy Brain?

Some say that pregnant women are affected by what’s known as pregnancy brain, a condition characterized by short-term memory loss and forgetfulness.

I doubt I can blame all my idiosyncrasies on the pregnancy, but I have had a few moments of temporary absentmindedness this past week that are quite uncharacteristic of me.

Last week, while showering, I began putting conditioner in my hair. As I rinsed the conditioner out, I suddenly realized that I had completely forgotten to put shampoo in my hair. I actually did this exact same thing a few days later.

This morning, something similar happened. I woke up, and began fixing myself some breakfast. I got out cereal, milk, a boiled egg and orange juice. Cereal was poured into the bowl, followed by the milk. While I poured, it slowly dawned on me that I was not, in fact, pouring the milk. Nope…I had just poured a massive amount of orange juice onto my cereal.

Pregnancy brain or not, I may need to take a nap before I injure myself.

13 thoughts on “Can I Blame It On Pregnancy Brain?

  1. Hehe. I have never heard of this syndrome, but it’s nice you have something you can explain your behavior with.I caught myself pouring the soymilk into the trash can, rather than my cereal bowl the other day. It was before my coffee. And then I found the mustard in the freezer door, rather than the fridge. I have nothing to blame it on-other than too much multitasking… maybe. Sad to say, this isn’t so out of the ordinary for me.Did you salvage the orange-y cereal? And did you have to condition twice?


  2. So reasonable, I saw my mom doing the same things. Don’t worry, pregnant women have a lot of perks. Like 2 am junk food fix, wow even I’m not pregnant and I’d like to do that without people stare at me like they judge me 😛


  3. It totally exists! It’s good that you’re aware of it, but good luck avoiding all the comical situations! 😉On a more serious sice, one of my friends told me (and made me swear to never mention it to her husband) that I had to be careful when I was pg and driving. When she was pg, she accidentally went UP the EXIT ramp onto a major interstate. Luckily, she realized what had happened and had room to turn around before causing a head-on collision…but it scared her!I remembered her words when I was out running errands one day and just felt out of it. I had to REALLY concentrate on the way home, and it was so bizarre. I stayed home for the rest of the day and felt fine the next.Oh, and I did the shampoo thing a lot!! 🙂


  4. Oh my gosh, the orange juice thing is hilarious! And I have actually heard that it is good, on some days, to not shampoo and only condition, so I think you were just being a beauty expert 😉


  5. One of my girlfriends who had a baby in October totally had pregnancy brain! She said and did the funniest things while pregnant! I kind of miss that about her 🙂 Oh, and btw…I’m a little late on this, but I hope you had a great pre-baby vacation! You guys totally deserved a chance to get away.


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