My Lazy Mondays

Mondays are my day off.

Unlike most people who loathe Mondays, I look forward to them as one of the best moments of my week.

It’s my day to rest, relax, and do things that I enjoy. No work-related things – no email, no To Do lists, no scheduled appointments.

I usually spend most of the day alone. I sleep in without an alarm clock, read a novel, sew, cook, take a nap, get a latte at a nearby coffee shop, hang out with friends, blog, journal, and end the day with a good night of sleep.

I truly believe that Mondays like these are good for my sanity and soul. After Monday, I am well-rested, reconnected with myself, less anxious, equipped with a bit more perspective, grateful for the things and people in my life, and ready to start another week.

14 thoughts on “My Lazy Mondays

  1. I used to have Mondays off, but I always felt guilty – like I was supposed to be a work and was playing hooky. So I changed to Fridays off and get to enjoy an early weekend.


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