The Great House Hunt

Steve and I are looking for a home to purchase.

After lots of consideration about the economy, our finances and careers, the baby’s nearing arrival, and other adult-ish matters, we decided that it was the right time.

So we’ve begun the exciting and complex process of searching the Los Angeles neighborhoods for a home to call our own.

It’s all quite intimidating to me. I finally had the word “escrow” defined for me, and already that was enough information to make my brain go into hibernation mode for a few hours. Thank heavens for my husband, who is highly motivated to do most of the home-buying research and work.

There are a few houses that we’ve looked at, but we’re still searching for something that really fits. It would be great to find a place that has at least three bedrooms, a front or back yard, and is near the college campus we work at.

Send us good house-hunting vibes, and hopefully I’ll soon be able to write a post titled, “Yay, We Have a House!”

16 thoughts on “The Great House Hunt

  1. I am so, so far from being in this place it’s frightening. I will definitely need terms like “escrow” defined clearly for me too.But.. not yet. My brain is already in hibernation over other things 🙂GOOD LUCK!


  2. Good vibes are en route : ) I have no ideas what’s involved in a successful house-hunt; in my head, I’m sort of hoping I’ll have a fabulously savvy husband myself to help explain it all when I finally get to that place … Enjoy the ride and good luck!


  3. Congratulations! That’s really exciting… also check out “My First Home” on TLC. If I had to do it over again I’d make sure I pay close attention to the kitchen (especially since you love to cook). Also, any existing landscaping is a plus (don’t trick yourself into thinking you’ll do this!) I can’t wait to visit! 🙂 Best wishes finding home sweet home…


  4. Although the thought of selling a house right now is terrifying, it seems like it’s a great time to buy if you have the financing 🙂 Best of luck to you finding the perfect house for your family!!


  5. oh wow! good luck! i saw a show on TLC or HGTV about house hunting in L.A. they talk about the smaller but up and coming neighbourhoods away from the city centre. keeping my fingers crossed for you!


  6. Sending good vibes! It’s a good time to buy now but they might be a little high still. Whereabouts in L.A. are you looking? I know the Los Feliz area is still red hot, so you might look at Silverlake or Eagle Rock. Glendale is still a bit iffy.


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