My Perfect Meal

Did anyone else watch Top Chef tonight? I was rooting for Carla, who sadly made a few crucial mistakes. She lost to Hosea, the most personality-lacking chef in the finale. Oh well.

Speaking of the culinary world, I recently picked up My Last Supper by Melanie Dunea. In the book, 50 famous chefs are asked to describe their ideal last meal. Their responses range from the surprisingly ordinary to the truly extravagant. Apparently, this game of relating one’s preferred last meal has been commonly played among chefs around the world for decades.

Though I’m not a famous chef (one can dream, right?), I decided to play the game. So here is my idea of the perfect last meal.

What would be your last meal on earth?
My final meal would consist of perfect comfort food. Soft Havarti cheese, crusty bread with olive oil and balsamic vinaigrette, my mom’s lasagna, bread pudding topped with whiskey sauce and a side of vanilla ice cream, and fresh raspberries.

What would be the setting for the meal?
Makena Beach on Maui. During sunset.

What would you drink with your meal?
Old Vine Zinfandel and port.

Would there be music?

Who would be your dining companions?
My husband and family, and a handful of close friends.

Who would prepare the meal?
I would.

And you, readers? Describe your perfect last meal.

7 thoughts on “My Perfect Meal

  1. I must get that book! What a neat idea. I’ve noticed that some of the t.v. chefs sometimes make mention of what their last meal would be. I’m not quite sure what mine would be…I’ll think on it 🙂


  2. How fun! I did watch Top Chef last night, though I wasn’t sure who I wanted to win since Fabio was eliminated last week. C’est la vie.But I’m loving this last meal idea, too! I would definitely have something Italian for the main course, complete with crusty bread. And my boy’s mom’s bread pudding for dessert…


  3. Man, such hard questions… Here is my attempt:Meat Jun from Gina’s BBQ with sides of cabbage, bean sprouts, mac salad, and taegu. That or, Da Kitchen’s Loco Moco… Oh! Baked char sui bow and rice cakes from Kwong On…. Dah!! Can’t decide.For dessert: All flavors of Bubbie’s mochi ice cream and those pastry things that Aunty Fran makes (dunno what they are called).I think I would need a whole day of last meals…


  4. Ohhh I love questions like this! For me, I really can’t get past garlic mashed potatoes. It’s sort of… dangerous how much I love them.


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