Pregnancy Developments – Week 29

We’re in the third trimester!

I can’t believe that our little son is getting close to arriving. Just a few months ago, it felt pretty theoretical. But that’s all quickly changing. Pre-registering at the hospital, pricing diapers, finding a pediatrician, and loading up on baby gear have all made the reality of parenthood significantly more tangible. Emotionally, I feel ready for our baby’s birth. I am really looking forward to the moment I get to hold him in the delivery room, and for everything that will follow. On the other hand, I’m thankful for a little more time to prepare.

During our most recent check-up, our doctor did an ultrasound, and everything looked good. The baby is sideways in my stomach, squiggling around.

The last few weeks of pregnancy in particular have felt great. I have lots of energy, with no major physical discomforts. But pregnancy does come with certain I’m-ready-for-this-to-be-over moments.

My clumsiness has gotten out of control. Last week, I hip-bumped a woman in a restaurant, and while apologizing to her, got my coat caught on another person’s chair. The grocery store aisle is another hazardous place. Frankly, it is unreasonable to think that a pregnant woman should be able to maneuver a shopping cart through a narrow aisle, and not walk into people or objects.

There are also the days when I simply feel extra large and uncomfortable. It’s more difficult to do simple things like walk up a flight of stairs, or stand up from a sitting position. My body aches in weird places. Finding clothes to wear that are comfortable and non-frumpy is a multiple-change ordeal. And I have begun the pregnant waddle. I imagine this is what a hippopotamus’s life is like. Those are the days being pregnant is less than thrilling.

But then I remember that this is a unique experience that’s not going to last forever. Soon, being pregnant will be a distant memory. Even if we have future children, this is my one chance to do it the first time. And in the end, we’ll have a wonderful child to bring home. That makes it all worth it.

18 thoughts on “Pregnancy Developments – Week 29

  1. So exciting. You were the first of my childhood friends to do many things. Now it’s the pregnancy waddle… congrats!Are you going with cloth or disposable diapers?


  2. Congratulations.Being a first time Mama is so amazing. I wish I could go back and do it all again, but that ship has sailed ;o) I have three now, and love them all dearly, but there is something so so special about your first child – and the early days of becoming a real family. I’m very jealous ! xx


  3. I’m so excited reading about it! I have two real life friends who are nearing the end of their pregnancy too and I’m just in awe over it. Also, I know I’m not even close to being ready so I can live vicariously!


  4. oh wow, 29 weeks! it’s going so fast! (I know, easy to say for me, I’m not the one who is carrying the baby belly)You are entering the third trimester, babe, that’s why the bit of uncomfortable here and there. The second trimester is always my favorite part! You are biog enough for people to congratulate you and for people not to think you are fat 🙂 but not enough to be uncomfortable. The third trimester however, is when the baby grows the fastest and you feel more kicks and you know he’s finally arriving…Such an exciting time. I’m happy you are doing so well!


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