Be My Valentine

Remember how celebrating Valentine’s Day as a kid meant bringing pink frosted cupcakes to school, and handing out store-bought cards with silly puns to put into classmates’ decorated shoe boxes? Ahh…those were simpler times. It was the day when everyone in class received at least something, even the kids who got picked on every other day of the year. At least for a moment, people had the desire to be nice to each other, and to let others know they cared about them.

I didn’t make any homemade cupcakes this year, but I do have a few valentines to dish out. In the spirit of the holiday, I’m sending some Valentine’s Day love to the following special people in my life…

  • Inventor of the tea latte: Who would have figured hot tea, steamed milk and a little dash of sugar would be such a magical combination? Mundane activities like sitting in a coffee shop or snuggling up at home with a good book have been transformed into comforting, cozy experiences. I’m particularly appreciative of you on chilly weekend mornings. Thank you for your contribution to the world – it has made my life a happier place.
  • My obstetrician: You’ve played a vital role throughout my pregnancy. Every month (and very soon, every week) you carefully check on the health of my baby and me. You get excited along with Steve and me when we hear our baby’s heartbeat on the monitor. I’m so grateful for your expertise, humor and joyful spirit. I truly could not wish for a better doctor to be with us in the delivery room when our son is born.
  • Writers of LOST: Every Thursday night, I get shivers of anticipation because you always deliver something amazing. Naysayers may have questioned you and left you (probably around Season 2), but not I. The characters and stories you weave are intriguing, mind-twisting, and downright ingenious. You make the show one of the highlights of my week, and I will remain faithful to you to the end.
  • Blog readers: This blog started out as a means of creative outlet; little did I expect that I’d discover so many great people through it. So many of you make me laugh, think and enjoy life a bit more. Thanks for the wonderful comments and conversations. Your existence makes blogging a delightful part of my life!

Your turn. Who are you sending Valentine’s Day love to?

* Editor’s note: Before I get labeled a bad wife, no, I did NOT forget about my husband in this list. He will receive a far better valentine in person.

13 thoughts on “Be My Valentine

  1. Happy Valentine’s day Larissa! I really enjoy reading your blog and more importantly reading your insight in various different things. I’m actually sending Valentines Day’s love to my cousin and his wife who first his lost dad in December right before Christmas and then her mom right before Valentines. They are two important people in my life because even though they are going through a sad time they are more concerned about me.They are trully a blessing and I am thankful for being a part of their life.


  2. haha steve’s comment made me laugh. and i would send a valentine to my blog readers and the inventors of popcorn, because my life would be a lot less cool without either of them, haha. have a good weekend!


  3. Happy Heart Day Lariss: I will copy your themes and send Valentine's lovin to:Food: I love I want to thank the people who came up with such a fabulous medium for sharing recipes.Andrew's Urologist & Oncologist: They were rock stars, confident, positive, and professional. They cleaned out all yuckiness and told my man he'd live to 100 and have grandbabiesWriters of “Six Feet Under.” Just finished 2nd season, can't wait for the 3rd. Realistic family and though most ppl avoid the topic of death you see how it really compliments life in this show. Blog readers: Other than my sisters and cousin I think you are my audience! I love reading your blog so much it encouraged me to keep up with my own. Thank you!


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