Nursing Cover

I’m presently sitting in my pajamas in front of the heater, trying to get over a cold. Being sick is extra not fun when 1) you’re pregnant, and can’t take cold medicine, 2) it’s freezing in the house, and 3) your husband is away for 4 days. Oh well. At least I have hot tea and a stack of romantic comedies to keep me company.

While stuck at home, I got lots of baby stuff done in the last few days. I’m making my way through a few books, Heading Home With Your Newborn and Babyproofing Your Marriage. I also set up our baby gift registries. That took a while, since I did tons of research on what first-time parents need. If you’re having a baby and looking for advice on what to buy, call me. I’m an expert.

I decided that there are a few things I’d rather make myself than purchase. For my first baby project I made a nursing cover.

Nursing covers are those handy pieces of cloth that moms use to keep from flashing people while breastfeeding in public. They can be purchased for about $35-$50, but can be easily made. With the help of a few great online tutorials (listed below), I made one yesterday. Mine is reversible, has an adjustable strap, and has a rigid neckline to provide easy viewing of the baby. It was quick and simple, and I am quite excited to use it in a few months!

Some Great Nursing Cover Tutorials:
Breastfeeding 123
Made By the Momma Monster

PS. I promise to keep breastfeeding discussion on this blog to a minimum. You’re welcome, male readers.

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19 thoughts on “Nursing Cover

  1. Those look great! I hope your little boy handles those better than Claire did…she refused to nurse with a blanket (or any type of cover) on her head. Ack! But! There’s hope! Check out Motherwear .com!! My mother-in-law got me a bunch of shirts from this place, and they ROCK. They are SO convenient for nursing, and people have NO IDEA that’s what you’re doing! It honestly looks like you’re just holding a sleeping baby. 🙂I won’t bore your readers with any more details…but if you ever have any questions about breastfeeding, please feel free to email me!


  2. Expect a call when I’m pregnant and in need of fashionably adorable nursing covers. But first, expect a call in which I ask you what other words I should know, since I just learned the words “nursing cover” from you about 2.5 seconds ago, haha.


  3. Cute cover! Charise’s grandma made me one. One good quality on it was that there was some thick and heavy fabric sewn into the corners. It kept the bottom weighted a bit so that it didn’t fly away in the wind.


  4. I have never heard of such a thing–makes sense though, even in LA. Your cover is awfully pretty and will be even sweeter with your little boy wrapped in it. Feel better Lariss!


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