Extra Extra: Rocking the Side Ponytail

  • This past weekend, I fulfilled a years-long dream and had a 80’s-themed birthday party. Best night ever. With the best friends ever. We sipped Capri Suns, played 80’s trivia, and jammed to Billy Joel, Journey and the rest of the classics. You can find pictures here. Warning: neon colors may burn your eyeballs.
  • I’m still wearing the fuchsia nail polish I wore for the party, and am contemplating bringing that style back. Yay or nay?
  • I finally watched Slumdog Millionaire (the second, maybe third movie I’ve seen in a year). It was beautiful and heartbreaking, and reminded me why I love films.
  • This week I bought a bamboo steamer at a thrift store for $2.99. Look out for future posts where I try to make my own dim sum like a good Chinese housewife!
  • Steve and I got our cable company to give us more channels for less money per month. The best news? We have Bravo again. Bravo equals Top Chef equals happy day.
  • My husband beat me to this on his blog, but I just need to announce it to the world: Urth Caffe’s Spanish Lattes are AMAZING. I’m about to go get one right now, right after I finish this post. Seriously. If you’re in Los Angeles, check it out.

14 thoughts on “Extra Extra: Rocking the Side Ponytail

  1. 1. You are just RADIATING happiness right now. It’s awesome to see you doing so well.2. I LOVED Slumdog! I’m trying to find the book it was based on. The ending dance sequence was so Bollywood and it was fun to watch the child actors dance.3. The Spanish Lattes look and sound like the House Lattes here at “Back to the Grind” an indie/hipster coffeehouse in downtown Riverside. I’ll have to compare the ones here to the ones at Urth since I’ll be visiting my parents in Glendale this weekend.


  2. Getting more channels for less money….sounds very Marksish. Reminds me of the time at Burger King and Steve got them to throw in free hash browns!


  3. I keep hearing about this Spanish Latte. Urth Caffe is less than a mile down the road from my office, but I never go there to grab coffee because, along the same walk, there are about 36 other coffee shops. Is it really worth it?


  4. I loved the 80’s. I graduated HS in 1985 so I was there big time. Loved bright pink nail polish and neon clothes, ponytails anywhere on my head expecially out the side, loved all the bands you mentioned, and the crazy clothes we wore, very Madonna-ish to say the least. Thanks for the memories!


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