Pregnancy Developments – Week 25

It’s week 25, and there are some new baby developments.

Earlier this week, I began having sharp pains in my lower abdomen. Just to be cautious, our doctor had me come to the hospital so everything could be monitored. Thankfully, the baby is fine and healthy. The pain turned out to be round ligament pain, which is a common pregnancy occurrence due to the stomach growing and stretching.

I’m pretty certain our child is going to be a hyperactive soccer player or something. He kicks all the time. Sometimes it’s a little twitch, sometimes it’s a swift punt to my insides that makes my entire stomach move. And I love it every time. I share the news with anyone in earshot, assuming that others will be just as delighted and awed. Probably not, but whatever.

Apparently the baby is now 13 1/2 inches, which is hard to imagine! The extra weight has affected my center of balance. I was clumsy before the pregnancy, but now I’m downright physically unstable. I bump into things all the time, and Wii Fit tells me I have the balance of a forty-year old. How sad.

We’ve almost decided on the baby’s name. Sorry, I’m not telling. Not even our parents know what it is! We want to introduce him along with his name when he enters into the world in May. So people will just have to wait.

And now a question for you.

I’m looking for books, websites or other resources that talk about the transition to parenthood. I have lots of books that offer practical advice, like how to get your baby to sleep, infant safety, and that sort of thing. But what about resources that discuss what it means to be a parent, philosophies on the role parents have in the life of their children, etc.? Do you have any ideas or recommendations?

11 thoughts on “Pregnancy Developments – Week 25

  1. The best book I EVER read is called Parenting with Dignity by Mac Bledsoe. It changed my life. It deals with older children but I have already started applying it to B. A-MAZ-ING!


  2. I definitely can’t recommend any books – no children for me! HOWEVER, if I were standing near you (or within earshot) I would TOTES be happy and excited about all the kicking. I’ve always wanted to put my hand on a lady’s belly and feel that for myself. So crazy!


  3. Pregnancy has permanently impaired my equilibrium. I get dizzy from a simple somersault now and I can’t even imagine getting on a big amusement park ride. Really sad times for a former gymnast.


  4. This is so neat to read about – I have no idea that pregnancy would actually throw off your centre of balance… but of course it would! It’s just not one of those things you think about = )Good luck staying upright miss!


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