Pregnancy Developments – Week 18

We’re at week 18, well into the second trimester!

The other day a friend asked me, “Do you think about the baby a lot?” “All the time,” was my response.

It’s surreal and amazing to consider that I have an actual living human being growing inside me. Every day brings parenthood and family and child closer to reality. I believe this is the most excitement and anticipation I’ve ever had about anything. So yes, I think about the baby a lot.

Also, it’s impossible not to be constantly aware of something that has affected my body and life so dramatically.

My expanding waistline is the most obvious change. I’ve been taking a weekly photo of myself to document the evolution. I had to start transitioning to maternity wear to accommodate my changing shape. Pajama pants have become my new best friend, and I’d wear them in public if that was socially acceptable.

My exercise has altered. I still work out 3 days a week, but I need to keep my heart rate below 140. I’m starting to feel very conspicuous at the gym with my growing stomach.

I now have to sleep on my side, which I’m getting used to. Last night I woke up about eight times to flip over to my other side.

This past weekend, right before falling asleep, I think I felt the baby. It was a fluttery sensation which I would have assumed was gas if it hadn’t been for all the baby books telling me to expect to feel the baby around this point in the pregnancy.

Every night before going to bed, I talk to the baby, hoping that he or she will hear me and know how loved it is.

Oh yeah, we’ll be finding out the baby’s gender in about a week. I have no motherly instinct about whether it’s a boy or girl. No idea at all.

Any guesses?

36 thoughts on “Pregnancy Developments – Week 18

  1. I just adore you! You are the cutest thing. I love reading about this.I’m guessing girl. Don’t know why, but that’s what I’m thinking. Can’t wait to find out!


  2. Larissa, PJ’s have become socially acceptable…just think of them as comfy yoga pants πŸ™‚ I love hearing about your journey. I haven’t had children yet, so this is all fascinating stuff!!


  3. Oh, Larissa! This is so much fun, and I’m so excited for you! Reading your post brings back such great memories of my pregnancy with Claire. I talked to her non-stop…all the time! I remember the very first time I felt her move (I was in the shower), and I’ll never forget it.I don’t have a gender guess for you…but I can’t wait to find out! πŸ™‚


  4. Ok, I don’t normally have feelings about things like this, but…….BOY, for sure!Oh, and I lived in some low-waisted workout pants through my whole pregnancy…so comfy.


  5. Hi, it’s nice of you to share such things over the blog. I love kids, babies….children! I’m really hoping to have my li’l one pretty soon. Nice informative blog.


  6. good thing you’re getting the gender discovered. My parents SWORE that I would be a girl. Good thing my name is unisex.But yes, like I told my sister, exercising is great. Just don’t over do it. Less extreme versions of yoga work. If you can, swimming is great as well.


  7. I love your story. And yes children are a blessing. Every moment is priceless. I’m not going to guess the gender but I will continue to pray that the Lord bless you through your pregnancy and birth. Take care and God Bless.


  8. That’s awesome that you probably felt the baby. I think I would be totally confused with it all and would be reading multiple pregnancy guides. πŸ˜‰As for the gender, I’m thinking boy. *shrugs*


  9. Such excitement! I bet the baby can hear you. What a great way to start life!I’ve no good guesses for the gender … but if it keeps moving, I’d say girl! My parents were convinced I was a boy because I kicked so much; “our little linebacker” was dad’s nickname for me before I came. And guess what. It was ballet for this girl. Can’t wait to read more about this great journey!


  10. This is so interesting! I have thought about pregnancy a lot and I never would have thought of NOT thinking about the baby while pregnant. I mean, how could you not? It’s right there.


  11. It’s a BOY! And I hope you have a good and comfy chair because you are not gonna be able to sleep in comfort the last couple weeks of pregnancy…sleep, what sleep? Let’s just say that is God’s way of preparing you for the sleepLESS nights ahead of you! Enjoy your 2nd tri-mester–you are gonna feel a surge of energy and excitement!


  12. Ooohhh finding out the sex is SO exciting. It was a like an event all in itself. We could paint the walls and call him by his name. SO FUN. Also, if you want to figure out hte sex yourself, the string always works. My mom and I do it where you take string, tie it around your engagement ring (the one with the big diamond) and have your steady handed husband hold it over your belly. If it moves in a circle, its a girl. If it moves back and forth, like a p*nis, its a boy πŸ™‚ good luck!


  13. I am thinking baby boy–probably because my cousins had their first baby (a perfect lil boy) on Sunday. I think I tend to like the idea of girls better (I know you aren’t supposed to say that) but then I always fall for the little boys. I am glad I finally got a chance to meet your Steve.οΌ©can really see how you guys are a good fit. And by the way, you are simply beautiful as a momma to be–you got that glow going on!


  14. Is it okay that I’m NOT pregnant but live in my pjs? :-O So excited for you Lariss! I can really see it going either way… for some reason I think boy though. Can’t wait!


  15. Wait- It’s not socially acceptable to wear jammy pants in public? Only in Walmart! Glad to hear all is well with you and baby. Me and my girlfriends used to guess our baby’s sex by holding a needle on a string over our wrists. Round and round a girl. Back and forth a boy. I can’t remember if we were right but it was fun and made our hubbies crazy. Hee Hee!


  16. A little girl πŸ™‚I love this post. It is funny, there is something so visceral about wanting to be pregnant. I’m not even ready, but there is something about it which sounds so natural and appealing, if that makes sense!


  17. I wore my husbands lounge pants for the last few months (around the house of course) constantly because nothing else felt comfortable.BTW…you’re a winner at my blog!


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