Extra Extra: Hey, Martha!

  • The Secret Life of Bees is out in theaters. I read Sue Monk Kidd’s novel this past summer, and really enjoyed it. As the book-to-film transition tends to be a bumpy one in Hollywood, I was a bit hesitant about the movie version. But how I loved every second of it! The vibrancy of the characters and setting were brought to life in new ways on screen. Go see it – it is a great film based on a great book.
  • At 15 weeks pregnant, I have never been so tired in all my life. I’ve been napping in the afternoon, going to bed ridiculously early, and still feel exhausted during most of the day. Tonight I took a post-dinner nap at 8pm…who does that?! I’ve been assured by my doctor and every formerly pregnant woman out there that this is totally normal. But seriously, I cannot wait until this little phase passes. Where’s the second trimester energy? Where’s the pregnancy glow??? Wake me up when the good stuff kicks in.

13 thoughts on “Extra Extra: Hey, Martha!

  1. i loved ‘the secret lie of bees’ movie and book too. i read it the week before i saw it in theaters and i thought it was a great transition. and hope you’re getting tons of sleep too 🙂


  2. I have a slight crush on Martha……..lucky.The Secret Life of Bees (much better than the Mermaid Chair) was definitely one of my top reads in the last few years and I’ve had beekeeping fantasies since. I am taking your recommendation to heart and will see the movie. We may be coming to LA this weekend. I would love to see you, even if you don’t budge from the couch and we just drink some tea.


  3. My mother absolutely LOVED the Secret Life of Bees movie, so I’m excited to hear the translation went well. Sometimes, as you well know, it doesn’t. And even though I know you probably don’t feel it, I am positive you have the pregnancy glow. You’ve just got to!


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