A Woman Can Indulge Once in a While

I realize this post undermines every post I’ve previously written about healthy eating and lifestyle, but I don’t care. I have a duty to tell you about my new delicious discovery.

Starbucks Signature Hot Chocolate.

Starbucks recently came out with a new line of hot chocolate, including their Signature Hot Chocolate, Hazelnut Hot Chocolate, and Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate. These new additions to the Starbucks menu are rich and creamy, made with a blend of four cocoas, sugar, natural vanilla extract and milk.

The Signature Hot Chocolate is wonderfully intense and decadent, with a slight hint of bittersweet dark chocolate, and makes the old Starbucks hot chocolate taste like tap water. A Grande also contains 470 calories, and costs $3.80. So it’s quite the indulgence on all levels.

To be honest, I’ll probably stick to my regular drip coffee or steamed milk routine. Meanwhile, I’ll fantasize about the Signature Hot Chocolate, and satisfy those cravings on the days when I’m in need of serious therapy and renewal.

Have a wonderful weekend!

23 thoughts on “A Woman Can Indulge Once in a While

  1. i can guarantee you that homemade hot cocoa is better than starbucks. Heat sugar and cocoa, stirring constantly, add milk to the pan and warm it almost to a boil. It’s super easy.Add whatever spices, Baileys, whipped cream, etc. that your heart desires!


  2. Oh Starbucks! They had these Signature hot chocolates last winter while I was living in Exeter. I drank one almost every day during the crappy English weather and it made me feel cheerful… and fat. But when you walk everywhere, drinking your meals evens out eventually! Hehe. I wonder when they’ll hit Korea and how long it will be before I can’t resist any longer!


  3. It’s hot chocolate weather here. Rain for the first time in 8 months, maybe?Time to celebrate. Hot chocolate that tastes like real chocolate sounds wonderful.


  4. Ah, I just saw a poster for those the other day and knew I needed to try ALL of them IMMEDIATELY. Today will be the day for sure. And honestly, I think if you don’t have things like this once in a while, how healthy are you, really? Moderation and all that jazz.


  5. A few days ago I had a sample-size of the signature hot chocolate. It was AMAZING. Your post is giving me a little bit of license (temptation?) to indulge in an actual-sized version.


  6. The drink is really rich, but it’s made with skim milk, so you could always ask for half hot chocolate mix and half skim milk to lessen the calorie intake and make it less sweet. That’s what I suggested to a customer who said it was too sweet.


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