Handkerchief Tote Bag





My sewing machine has been collecting dust recently, due to the busyness that has been these last few months. When my life gets busy, creativity really takes a hit.

So on a recent day off, I decided to pull out the sewing machine, and put it to use.

I had a plain tote bag that needed some flair, and an old handkerchief with a pretty pattern. Side note: it really is amazing what treasures can be discovered in your very own closet. I cut the handkerchief, hemmed the sides, and sewed it on the front of the bag as a pocket. I also sewed a pocket on the inside of the bag with some extra canvas material, because pockets rock.

Presto…a great new bag! Who needs to spend hundreds on fashion accessories? Not this gal.

27 thoughts on “Handkerchief Tote Bag

  1. Your bag is darling! I love canvas bags…(and purses). Andrew calls me a bag woman.I am still too scared to use/ figure out my sewing machine….You’re definitely inspiring me–as always!


  2. Wow, genius! I have developed an unhealthy addiction to canvas tote bags, and when they are that cute… you should sell them! Or maybe use them for a giveaway. Adorable!


  3. Have you seen the Clay Aiken tote I made for Po Po? Similar craft but the added step of ironing Clay’s face to a piece of fabric. Maybe I’ll make you one with the muffin-top-ass-crack photo you took with your iPhone. Now that’s a SWEET idea!


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