Photos Taken With My iPhone

Armed with my iPhone, I’ve been able to capture some photo-worthy images around Los Angeles that I thought I’d share. And now for your viewing pleasure:

Mannequins show more than a little skin in the window of a women’s clothing store near my house. Is it just me, or does fashion really seem to be taking a turn for the worse these days?

Couch in the front yard of our neighbors’ house.

There’s a story to this photo. We used to have a couch on our front porch. One morning last December, we discovered that the couch was missing. Lots of things get stolen in our neighborhood, so though we were sad at the disappearance, we got over it. Fast forward to two weeks ago, when I was walking down our street. I passed by our neighbors’ house, saw this couch in their yard, and thought to myself, “That’s odd. That couch looks EXACTLY like ours.” So I snapped a quick photo and showed it to Steve, who confirmed that it was definitely the same couch. We decided to ask the neighbors (a few male college students) who the couch belonged to. Their response was, “We have no idea.” So we said, “Well, we think it used to be ours. So can we have it back?” They were fine with that, and even helped us carry it to its original home on our front porch. I have no idea what really happened, but I’m glad that our couch is back.

At the Long Beach Aquarium of the Pacific, near the shark tanks. This guy seems to be so intrigued by the aquatic life that he forgot to put his pants on properly. Another guilty perpetrator of the Muffin Top Movement.

What strange things have you witnessed lately around your neighborhood?

22 thoughts on “Photos Taken With My iPhone

  1. Ha on the mannequins– I love how they managed to beat the corset in tackyness!We have a singing guy in our back alley. I kind of love him– he always sounds so happy when he is walking by! (no photos, though 😦 )


  2. Wow, couch across the street! Almost a whole year, and it was just across the street. Man, I wish that happened with my first computer that got stolen out of our house… That would have been cool!


  3. I love this idea. I think I'm going to do the same around Riverside & Glendale (My home & parents' home respectively).I think that fashion has gone way downhill since I was a teen. Booty shorts and thongs are two things that make me shake my head.And the butt/Muffintop thing has always made me sad. Or the sagging pants look.It's even worse when they're wearing a belt and they sag their pants!


  4. OMW! That is so strange about your couch! 🙂Also – I agree about the fashion. Sometimes I can’t believe that there are people that actually buy these clothes – as for low rise jeans. They should all be burned.


  5. Fashion is definitely taking a turn for the worse – or at least it is in that store! It is funny what you notice in your surroundings – just the other day I saw our neighbors bench in the middle of the street – a teen prank no doubt – unless they were just feeling particulularly cheeky….


  6. Oh wow, those mannequins? Awful! Fashion is turning towards the worse. Have you seen the 80’s revival? Girls in my office wear the leggings and loose t-shirts tied on the side. I cringe.


  7. I swear it’s always THAT couch that is left out front. I seriously have seen that same patterned couch many times. It’s called Goodwill, people, try driving your crap there!The ass crack person made my eyes bleed.


  8. On the topic of unusual neighbors:Do you remember the crazy old man that lived in the apartment below me in Queens? He would follow me wherever I was walking in the apartment and bang on the ceiling with his cane! Sometimes I would be quietly sitting on the couch watching TV and he would start tapping under my feet. I have no idea why he did this. It really freaked me out! Needless to say, I’m happy to be out of there!


  9. WOW! Those are some pix! No couches on any neighbors front lawn. Man that muffin top is soooommmmethhinnnnnng! WOW! Wordless! I always said I was gonna do a pix post of things I see…but alas, do not have a camera phone. I’m soooo behind the times.


  10. some interesting photos there. the couch story is especially interesting… who’d imagine you’d come across your long lost couch in someone else’s front/backyard!!


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