Apparently My Forehead Says "Welcome, Creepy Old Men"

At the Americana in Glendale, I was fiddling with my iPhone while waiting at a crosswalk. A 70-ish year old man standing next to me struck up this conversation:

Old Man: If you give me your number, I’ll call you.
Me: Uh, no thanks.
Old Man: Just kidding. You’re too old for me, anyway.

As soon as the crosswalk signal changed, I booked it out of there. Thinking back, I should have snapped a photo of him with my phone, and threatened to post it online with PREDATOR as the caption. But alas, I always think of the “better response” long after the matter.

14 thoughts on “Apparently My Forehead Says "Welcome, Creepy Old Men"

  1. I don’t know, I give the old man props for approaching you! (Yes, I just said props.) He’s got some serious guts sloshing around in there. I bet he was a looker back in the day and had girls throwing their numbers at him… eh, then maybe again he’s just a creepy old man with a sense of humor!(Sorry for the deleted comment- there was a spelling error and I tried to leave it alone, but I just couldn’t!)


  2. I always think of the better response later on in the day and it kills me! In French it’s called Esprit de l’escalier, which is a witty remark that occurs to you too late, literally on the way down the stairs.


  3. lol!!!!!!!!!!!! omg, this one reminds me of the time a girlfriend and i were at one of our usual bars down in burbank.some older (we think russian, judging from his accent) came up to us and said…(brace yourself larissa):“eef yew gehrls everrr neeed a keed-nee, aihm deh guy to cawhl”(if you girls ever need a kidney, i’m the guy to call).now THAT’S something you don’t get every day.i give him points on originality, but minus 100 for creepo factor!


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